To make things more Malaysian, well our 60th Merdeka (Independence Day) and KL 2017 Sea Games is happening. Netflix is celebrating with us by introducing 5 Malaysian titles from Primeworks Studios Sdn Bhd, who is Malaysia’s leading content production house by streaming them on Netflix. This is definitely one way to celebrate our 60th Merdeka and also on our country’s success.

Now you can stream their First roll out, “Sejoli: Misi Mencantas Cinta (In english: Mission: Destroy Love), starring Maya Karin and Bront Palarae. Following this, on 14th August, we’ll be getting the popular chinese drama series called Persona and the list goes on. You can check it out below along with the Synopsis.

Sejoli: Misi Mencantas Cinta
(Mission: Destroy Love)
Jo and Gina will stop at nothing to prevent their former lovers from getting married to each other.
Now streaming in Malaysia
A team of private investigation agency goes down in cracking tough and thrilling murder cases, revolving around five investigators that come from different backgrounds.
Available in Malaysia from 14th August
KL Zombi
(KL Zombies)
Following a zombie outbreak in Malaysia, a slacker teams up with an unlikely group of survivors to save the nation from the walking dead.
Available in Malaysia from 21st August
Two men on the run from loan sharks end up on a chaotic journey across Malaysia together, in a mission to save everything they love before it’s too late!
Available in Malaysia from 21st August
Hati Perempuan
(Heart of a Woman)
The broken hearted Yuhanis closes her heart to all possibilities of love. When she is forced into a marriage with Tengku Zaril,a snobbish, rich boy who is deeply in love with her, she is bitter. Will Tengku Zaril’s love prevail?
Available in Malaysia from 21st September
If you don’t have a Netflix account, all you have to do is head over to and Signup with the plan you like, because they do offer a lot of options and amazing programs.