Few days back, Razer, the company that every single one of us recognize when it comes to gaming announced their official launch of zGold-MOLPoint in Malaysia.

For those who wants to know what exactly zGold-MOLPoints is, it’s actually an online micropayment system developed and operated by MOL. Previously, it was known as MOLPoints by MOL. But after Razer’s strategic partnership with MOL, they’ve rebranded to zGold-MOLPoints.

This platform has actually increased Razer and MOL’s digital payment and content platform, as gamers can now purchase zGold-MOLPoints at over 1 million points of purchase in 17 countries and use them as a source of payment for more than 2,500 content titles from MOL network and game publishers like Wargaming and so on.

Also, they had the opening day of the zGold-MOLPoints AFK @ Malaysia. Where they not only launch the zGold-MOLPoints but also, there was a lot of exciting things happening like Overwatch, LoL and Street Fighter V competitions and also a special meet and greet session with the Razer Co-Founder and CEO, Min-Liang Tan.

Looks like the gaming experience just got better with zGold-MOLPoints. And it’s exciting to see what’s going to happen next, especially Razer’s move here in Malaysia and South East Asia in a whole.

For those who wants to know what’s the difference between zGold and zGold-MOLPoints, you can check this table.

2 separate virtual credits under a common Razer zGoldBrand. Users will be able to choose between the respective virtual credits to pay for digital content.

There’s no change in reload process flow for zGold-MOLPoints users after the rebranding.
Virtual credits for gamers, can be purchased and used globally on https://zvault.razerzone.com. After using zGold, users will earn zSilver* immediately.
zGold-MOLPoints key focus – serving users in South East Asia like, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam and Philippines.
Retains it’s global exchange rate of 100 zGold, pegged to US$1
Has various localized currencies pegged to 100 zGold-MOLPoints.

*- zSilver is a virtual loyalty credit given by Razer in recognition of your time and engagement online, by using Razer Cortex and being an active contributor on Razer Insider. Exchange earner zSilver for RazerStore.com discounts, full Razer products and more.