Just a while back, Selangor Cyber Games organized their 5th League of Legends championship, The Legends Circuit at Paradigm Mall. And it was an amazing match. You can click here to know more about it. And Lenovo, was the Gold Sponsor for The Legends Circuit. In fact, every player who was battling for the champions both days were actually playing on the Lenovo Legion Y720 Cubes and Lenovo Legion Y27G monitors. Not only that, they also gave away a Lenovo Legion Y520 to one lucky winner.

Mr. Khoo Hung Chuan, General Manager of Lenovo Malaysia and Singapore was there and we had an opportunity for a short group Q&A Session where Mr. Khoo shared their interesting plans  and also answered some of our question on Lenovo Legion.

First thing Mr. Khoo said about their Lenovo Legion and their goal to build up their gaming community. He said,We are not just focusing on the hardware platform itself. We are going to focus on building up the gaming community. To have an engagement with the game, getting their feedback, looking more into e-sports area, to learn more about what the user requirement so that we could give them a better machine.”

Not only that, in order to fulfill their users and their gaming community, they’re also focused in filling up their gaming ecosystem with a lot more interesting Lenovo Legion products in the future.

They’ve also added that there’ll be exciting news happening and will be announced during the GamesCom. Not only that, they’ll be having their booth over at GamesCom with a lot of activities going on.

We also asked that will there be any Lenovo tournament and Nicole Lim, Marketing Manager of Lenovo said, “Last year, we did League of Champion which is a Lenovo’s own tournament partnering up with Garena where the finals took place at Bangkok. We are still under discussion whether we want to do a second season. Not to forget we also did ESL. We want to get into these big and well prepared tournament. If we want to do it, we want to do it big.”

From what it looks like Lenovo Legion will indeed be focusing in the gaming arena and also keep the community growing by catering what their users want. And once they’ve accomplished filling up their community and ecosystem, chances are there that we might even see Lenovo partnering up with an eSports team or even Lenovo’s very own e-Sports team because Mr. Khoo said that it’s highly possible.
It’s pretty promising and exciting to see what Lenovo Legion and Lenovo as a whole will be doing in the near future. Till that we shall wait and see. And be sure to stay tuned because we will definitely keep you posted. 🙂