Last week, Samsung announced the Galaxy Note 8 at Samsung Unpacked, New York. And what they were mentioning was pretty much compromising and also, we tried the Note 8 ourselves. And there’s actually a lot going on here with the device itself, which is amazing. So, I’m going to share some of the differences I was able to spot.

Number One: The Design


Comparing with the Note 5 and the Note 7, The Note 8 does use Aluminium Frame and Glass both on the front and Back. But when you take a closer look, feels like a much more polished device. And the moment you lay your eyes on one the Note 8, you can notice how the display curves and blends in with the frame and looks connected with no gaps and so on. Now that’s a beautiful craftsmanship.


Number Two: Display


Obviously, if you were to compare with the previous Note series and with their 16:9 ratio, the Note 8 rocks a bigger display and it has a 18.5:9 (2:1) display on the front. It has a QHD panel and the display looks sharp and beautiful. I can’t come with a conclusion but I’ll definitely share more about it soon.


Number Three: Camera


Samsung finally jumps into the wagon with their Dual-Camera Setup on the back. And yes, it is their first Dual Camera Smartphone. They might be a bit late to the game but they are actually the first to feature a dual OIS system in their Dual Camera which to me is a big thing. And they went with a Telephoto setup instead of a Monochrome and Color setup. The camera does have few tricks up it’s sleeves, like the Live Portrait feature but I’ll have to test it more to share my thoughts on it.


Number Four: Battery


The moment you hear the word “Battery” from Samsung, I’m pretty sure that everybody remember that time where the next big thing literally went bigger. But it’s about time you put that jokes to rest because ever since they announced the Galaxy S8, Samsung tests every single battery under their new 8-point battery safety check to make sure that it’s safe. And also to avoid any mishap, they went with a 3300 mAh battery, which might not be too big. But I’m pretty sure it does get the job done.


Number Five: S Pen


This is the second time the S Pen got an IP68 certification and you can whip that pen out in the pool and write whatever you want. Also, now it has an increase in pressure sensitivity. Which means your input will be much more accurate and amazing. And thanks to the new software, the pen has a lot of function right now than ever.


Number Six: The New Software


We actually had the same software (minus the S Pen function) on the S8 and I loved it. (You can check out my full review for that). But with the Note 8, we have added functionality. Including a new way to take note. All you have to do is take the pen out and start writing on it with even the display turned off. That’s just one of the interesting thing in the software department. There’s more fun goodies.


Number Seven: Bixby


I have to address the Bixby here. Because we are getting a fully functional Bixby on the Galaxy Note 8. Not just the panel where we have all our frequent contacts and cards on what’s going to happen next but also the ability to launch Hello Bixby and interact with voice and perform task.


(Just earlier they rolled out to the S8, so if you own one, it’s time for you to update and try it out.)


Number Eight: The Price


The price tag for the Galaxy Note 8 is actually close to $1000 (in US) and RM4000 here in Malaysia, making it the expensive Galaxy device ever made. But, that’s not a bad thing because you actually get more than you expected. The latest hardware, Dual OIS camera, amazing design and so on. And just like what I always say to my friends, you pay for what you get.

Also with the Pre-Order that’s going to happen on the 5th September, you also get to enjoy a lot of savings like Cash Rebates worth RM321, Samsung Protection Plus plan for your device, a 5,100 mAh Battery Pack and a Clear Cover for your Note 8.


And that’s it. This are just my initial thoughts and I already love it & excited about the Samsung Galaxy Note 8. And I’ll definitely give you my full review on the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 when I get my hands on one of these bad boys. Till then, stay tuned.