The first thing that comes to my mind this month, Star Trek: Discovery! Which is going to be premiered on September 25. And I really can’t wait to check it out myself. But before that, looks like Netflix did something pretty interesting. That is, revealing every single Trekkies Favorite Episodes not only Globally but in Malaysia as well.

Netflix features 695 episodes of Star Trek in their Library. And they found out, nearly 12,000 fans have spent more than 536 hours (That’s like 22 days) watching Star Trek. And usually, when it comes to every series, the first episodes will be the most watched episode of all. But here’s an interesting twist. Netflix revealed that Star Trek: Voyager has the most revisited episode in the universe: “Endgame: Part 1 & 2” (Season 7, Episode 24) is THE MOST watched episode in the entire franchise, globally and even in Malaysia!

When it comes to “Which collection is the most popular on Netflix?” The answer to that is not an easy one. While The Next Generation and The Original Series have bigger audiences, Voyager and Deep Space Nine fans are better repeat customers, who return for the favorite episodes even though fans’ have a mixed emotions on Voyager. But look at the bright side, every single collection has its interesting part. Like for instance, The Original debuted Klingons, The Next Generation set the stage for Deep Space Nine and Voyager, DS9 took Star Trek into a serialized territory and also the very same Voyager had the first female captain, you know who. Kathryn Janeway.

Now, back to our USS Enterprise in 2017, Netflix will be exclusively premiering Star Trek: Discovery in 188 Countries, which will feature a new ship (Yep. That new Federation Ship) and also the new crew, but with the same hope for the future. Oh and It’s going to be exciting to see Michelle Yeoh in it as well. Time to Engage!