If you are one of those who likes Speakers or any audio peripherals, you would have definitely heard the brand named Edifier. They’ve been in the market since 1996 and they entered the Malaysian market a while back. The company makes audio peripherals like Speakers, Headphones and even car audio. With that brief history, today we are taking a look at one of their 2.0 Channel Bookshelf Speaker and his is the Unboxing and Initial Impression on the Edifier R1010BT.




The moment you lay your eyes on the package, it looks very plain and nothing striking. On the front, we have a B&W picture of the speakers and Specifiations written all over the box, which we’ll get to it in a bit. As soon as you cut the seal up top, you’ll be greeted with a protective Styrofoam covered up top. Removing that, there’s the speaker and accessories, covered in plastic.

What’s in the box



Before we take a look at the speakers itself, these are some of the accessories we’ll find in the box. Starting off with the 3.5mm Headphone Jack to dual RCA audio connecting cable, a speaker connecting cable that will connect the Active and Passive speakers together and a 3.5mm Female Headphone Jack connector to dual RCA Adapter.

It also comes with the User Manual and other Paperwork like warranty card.




Moving on to the speakers, the ones that we’ve got is the Black finish. Once you remove the dust filter, you’ll find it has a yellow accent on the driver. We have one Active Speaker which consists of all the controls such as Bass and Volume Toggle, Power Switch, RCA Line in Ports, Power cable and the speaker connecting ports. We have a Passive Speaker which only features Speaker connecting Ports.

On the front of the speakers, you’ll see that both looks nearly identical with the Dome Tweeters and drivers. Except the Active Speaker, which has a LED indicator. This LED will let’s you identify which mode you’re in.

Initial Impression

In terms of it’s looks, it’s has a fine finish that gives a very classy tone to it.  The speaker is covered with 15mm thick MDF, which reduces unwanted vibrations and sorts. Unlike other speakers at this price point, the R1010BT has a much more polished look to it and the moment you set your eyes on it, the speaker gives a premium look thanks to the Classic Wood grain finish. If you’re not a huge fan of the black finish, you can go for their Brown finish. On the back the I/O’s are easily accessible and easy to control, just like that.

The Bass Drivers found on these speakers are about 4 inches and the Treble Driver is 13 mm. It has a frequency response of 70Hz up to 20KHz. One thing about this speaker that stands out, is that it has Bluetooth v4.0 built in. Testing the drivers for the first time both through Bluetooth and the 3.5mm Jack, the sound is clear and crisp. I was able to notice the bass response and how the speaker handled high bit rate songs. For now, it sounds good. But I can’t tell much. I will be testing out these speakers on how it responds and more in the full review and whether it’s a speaker that’s worth picking up at the stores.

Huge thanks to Edifier for sending these speakers over to VesperLab. Stay tuned for the Full Review.