GoPro, a company that’s well known for their amazing action camera series, Hero has unveiled the successor to the Hero 5 Black which we saw last year and also announced two new products, like the GoPro Karma drone and a entirely new product that shoots 5.2K Spherical 360 degree video, called GoPro Fusion.

Let’s take a look at the upgraded GoPro Hero 6 Black. It’s powered by GoPro’s Custom-Designed GP1 Processor that processes the images and also the videos to look as close to natural as possible with it’s improved Dynamic Range and Low-Light Performance. It can shoot 4K60 and 1080p at 240fps videos and has support for RAW and HDR Photo Modes straight out of the camera. Compared with the previous Hero 5 Black, the 6 has a much more improved image stabilization. The software in the Hero 6 has gotten some updates, it has QuikStories enabled and it’s also GoPro App Compatible just like the previous series. It has an all new touch Zoom where you could zoom up to 3x. With this tiny form factor and completely sealed body, it’s also Waterproof upto 10m (33 Feet).

Next up, we have the GoPro Karma. Now that the Hero 6 is out, the new Karma is now compatible with Hero 6. The new Karma comes with two new auto-shot paths: Follow and Watch. With the help of GPS, Karma will now follow the Controller automatically while you’re on the move. Whereas the Watch auto-shot path keeps the Karma hovering in place when it rotates, keeping the Karma Controller in frame. And the Karma can tilt upwards to look above the horizon.

Finally, let’s take a look at the GoPro Fusion. This particular camera will have the ability to shoot 5.2K 30fps and 3K 60 fps Spherical Video. Under the hood, it has a 18MP Sensor that has the ability to shoot both Spherical Photos and Videos. Comes with an advance Stabilization, 360 Audio support. Not only that, the Fusion is also Waterproof upto 16ft (5m). Rest about this camera, it comes with GPS, Accelerometer, Gyroscope and Compass. In terms of Connectivity, we have both WiFi and Bluetooth under the hood.

The GoPro Hero6 Black will be going on for RM 2,399 whereas the Karma will go for RM 6,299 respectively. You can get your own through GoPro Malaysia Authorized Dealers. And The GoPro Fusion will be announced on a later date.