Earlier this month, Apple announced their recent lineup of new iPhones, which is the iPhone 8, 8 Plus and X. Ever since the announcement, people have been pretty excited to grab the X because of it’s new features. For instance, the bezel less display and their replacement for the TouchID, which is the FaceID. And not to mention, we Malaysians definitely want the iPhone X. Good news is, yes it’s coming to Malaysia! Bad news is, it’s not as cheap as you think.








Let’s take a look at the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus pricing first. The 8 comes in two configuration. 64GB which is going for RM 3,649  and 256GB for RM 4,399. The 8 Plus will have a much more higher tag. 64GB coming in at RM 4,149 and 256GB at RM 4,899. Honestly, this is pretty pricey. But if you think this is how pricey iPhone can get, you need to think again.

The iPhone X will be sold for a whooping RM 5,149 for the 64GB and RM 5,899 for the 256GB variant. Not that, is definitely a price tag that could kill anyone. Honestly, it’s a huge price to pay considering the fact that in US, it’s cheaper by more or less thousand ringgit, 64GB for $999 (RM 4,2XX) and 256GB for $1,149 (RM 4,8XX). We will have to take in our currency exchange rate, tax and sorts. But still, it’s not cheap.

I am not going to say anything, just take your time to digest. I’m gonna go now.