Something, I love doing is Binge Watching. Especially, when I am tired of waiting for the next episode. So, what I do is wait for all of the episodes to be out and then I binge. But as time went by, Netflix released the whole season at once. Which made me happier because I binge watch everything within a day. I thought it’s just me. But nope. Netflix, has named these kind of fans as, Binge Racer.

What’s a Binge Racer?

According to Netflix, Binge Race is some one who speeds through an entire season within 24 hours of it’s release and the first to finish. Huh, well that does sound like me. 😛

It has been growing ever since 2013 with 200,000 members Binge Racing and today 2017, it has gone up to a mind blowing 8.4 million members as of September 2017, globally. Basically, the rate has been increased more than 20 times over. That’s… something else. Very kiasu liao.

What’s even interesting is to see the series that’s popular among Asia. It’s none other than Marvel’s The Defenders. There’s more. Malaysia is ranked Number One  for two things. For the highest percentage of Binge Racers in Asia and the highest percentage of Binge Racers globally for American Crime Story. Honestly, this is some next level binge watching.

I guess it’s time for you to get back and continue binge Watc… I mean Binge Racing ey? Speaking of Binge Racing, Stranger Things Season 2 is coming out on 27th October. Don’t forget that. Alright, till then. Have fun folks.