As we all know, when we head over to the nearest Fast Food chain for Take Away, it takes a while for them to take order from us. Sometimes people tend to have bad experience as well. Pizza Hut, Malaysia’s Number One Pizza Chain is reshaping their game by jumping into the Digital Realm with their Kiosk and more, for a faster, efficient and reliable service for both, consumers and Pizza Hut.

Starting off with the Asia Pacific’s first Digital Take Away Kiosk, at Sunway Pyramid. Now you can order your pizza and sides, by just heading over to the kiosk, choose what you want and check out. You’ll have the option to pay with either Cash or Credit Card. This will definitely increase efficiency and reduces the wait time to place an order.

Next up in line we have the Augmented Reality Menu. With this, you’ll be able to take a look at the digital version of Pizza Hut’s menu and choose your menu as you see the virtual version of the food dishes which looks equally cool. They’ve also added some AR games which will keep you occupied while they make your pizza. These are some of the new digital offerings from them.

We also got the chance to meet Sally and Sandy, the Robot. It’s a personal assistant where it has some menus and assists everything related to Pizza Hut.

Not only that, they’ve improved their existing digital services by revamping the Online Site, making it a lot easier to navigate around and order what you want. They’re also officially launching the new App for mobile, so you can now order pizza when you’re at your university or at your girlfriend’s place or ANY PLACE for that matter.

In a whole, it looks like Pizza Hut will be focusing and investing more on digital technology to enhance customer experience. Which also means, we might be seeing more Kiosks and AR Menu popping up in other Pizza Hut outlet as well.