With Stranger Things Season 2 being released on the 27th of October, Spotify has teamed up with Netflix to take the experience up a notch. By bringing the fans an interactive experience. This will let you find out which character has a lot in common with you. It’s also based on your previous listening experience and your music genre taste as well.

Now to create the character playlist, Spotify and Netflix has created music profiles that differentiates the 13 characters apart. Also, if you were to share your playlist, the screen with rotate and bring you to the Upside Down.

Thirteen Lead Characters

These are the 13 lead characters that has different music profiles. And your listening experience will determine who you’re. You could be Eleven, who’s a powerful little girl or Billy, who loves Metal or even Demogorgon. I am not too sure what exactly Demogorgon listens to, but you can find it out.


All you have to do is head over to www.spotify-strangerthings.com, and log into your Spotify Account. Once you’ve accepted and given the permission, it’ll start curating the playlist and find out which character you’re. And voila. Make sure to catch Stranger Things on Netflix, starting from 27th of October.

By the way, if you’re wondering, what Spotify curated for me, I got Eleven.