Dell announced two new Gaming Rigs, followed by Monitor and Peripherals earlier this week. One of them is the new Dell Inspiron 15 7000 Gaming  Laptop. Also their 8th Generation Intel Core i Series Powered Alienware Aurora Desktop. We’ll take a look at it one by one.

Dell Inspiron 15 7000 Gaming Laptop



Starting off with their upgraded Inspiron 15 7000 Gaming Laptop. This time the laptop comes with a new NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 that has NVIDIA Max Q Design Technology under the hood. Followed by the 7th Generation Intel Quad Core Processor that powered the device. This time around, the new Inspiron comes with a FHD Anti-Glare IPS Display. You can get one with 4K Display too.

With that, you get 2X2 Wifi for stable connection and SmartByte. This allows you to stream your favorite video content with no interruption. Unlike the previous generation, the new one has a Thunderbolt 3 which is a great inclusion for hooking the device to a video source.

Dell Inspiron 15 7000 Gaming Laptop will start from RM 3,899 for the Core i5 Version all the way up to RM 5,999 for the i7.

Alienware Aurora



The Alienware Aurora packs the latest Intel 8th Generation Core i Processor under the hood. This time around, it comes with a 6 Core configuration. Which means your performance will kick up a notch. You’ll get a 40% increase in Performance and up to 25% increase in frame rate. It features a CPU liquid Cooling and also with a mid-tower like this, upgrading your component is easier too.

Not to forget Alienware’s DNA, the AlienFX lighting on a super slender and sexy looking anodised aluminium, Magnesium alloy and Steel Reinforcement. Yes, it supports VR and makes your experience a lot more immersive as well.

Alienware Aurora Desktop will start from a price tag of RM 4,999 for the i5 version. It’s available to purchase starting from 3rd November.

Alienware Monitors & Peripherals

Other than the two Gaming Rigs, Dell announced two new Alienware Monitor and four peripherals. Two Keyboard and Two Mice.



Alienware 34″ Curved Gaming Monitor comes in two configuration, WQHD and WFHD resolution. It comes with NVIDIA G-Sync Support and features the Signature AlienFX Lighting under the hood. The Alienware 25″ on the other hand, has a native 240fps refresh rate with FHD resolution and an ultra thin bezel for immersive experience. The 25″ give you the option to choose between NVIDIA G Sync or AMD FreeSynce, depending on your rig. That’s sweet.

The prices for the Alienware 34″ Curved Gaming monitor is WQHD – RM 5,599 WFHD – RM 5,079.

Whereas the 25″ Gaming Monitor will be retailing for RM 2,699 for the G-Sync Variant and RM 2,199 for the FreeSync Variant.



Alienware Keyboard comes in two different models. There’s the Pro Gaming Keyboard and the Advanced Gaming Keyboard. Only the Pro comes with 13 zone-based RGB AlienFX option, dedicated volume roller and a sweet metal finish. Whereas the Advanced features a Brown MX Mechanical Switch for responsive feedback and 5 dedicated macro commands.



Finally, Alienware Elite Gaming Mouse, is their top of the line premium mouse that’s modular. It has an ambidextrous design and you can swap modules. Like adding programmable buttons and many more. It comes with 12000 DPI under the hood as well. The Advanced mouse on the other hand has an ergonomic design and gives you the option to switch DPI modes on the move.

As of for the peripherals, The Alienware Pro Gaming Keyboard and Advanced Gaming Keyboard is priced at RM 569 and RM 369 respectively. For the Elite Gaming Mouse is RM 429 and RM 229 for the Advanced Gaming Mouse.