Apple’s latest iteration of iPhone X is here. By now, a lot of the consumers know that this is Apple’s first leap into the bezel less display and also 18:9 aspect ratio. Few weeks back, Apple announced the pricing and availability on their iPhone X on their official site. And I have to say, it isn’t the cheapest phone in the market. You can click here to read more on the official pricing. But if want to grab one and don’t want it to break the bank, you can pick one through your provider. And here are some of the providers that offers the latest iPhone X with some interesting deals.

Do take note, iPhone X only comes in two configurations: 64GB and 256GB.


Celcom offers the new iPhone X with their Celcom FIRST Plans. It does not only end there. If you have been using Celcom for a while*, you can actually pick one up without paying any upfront right away. It’s as simple as that. Starting off with their EasyPhone Plan, the Gold Plus iPhone X 64GB comes in at RM165 per month and  RM 192 for the 256GB Variant. As you go up the plan, it gets lower. You can check out the complete breakdown below.

Do take note, Celcom offers Device protection for the smartphones. If you’re one of those who doesn’t want a Device protection, you can do that as well. Just that you have to take care of it at your own risk.


U Mobile is another telco with amazing offers. Their iPhone X i130 iPlan comes with more than you think. First of all, if you were to pick the i130 plan, you will be entitled to a humongous subsidy for the device itself. Because the iPhone X will be yours, if you pay RM3465 when an upfront purchase is made. On top of that, you get to use U Mobile’s unlimited data plans like Video-onz, Music – Onz, Call – Onz and App – Onz for an uninterrupted experience. Also, you get free Data for Waze to move around at ease.


Digi, the yellow man offer iPhone X with three different plans. Starting from RM78 all the way up to RM138. For the 64GB Variant, the RM78 Plan comes with a RM963 discount whereas with the RM108 and RM138, it’s a RM1,163 and RM1,363 respectively. For the 256GB, it’s RM1,011 for RM78 Plan, RM 1,211 for RM108 Plan and RM1,411 for RM138 Plan.


All we could say is, before you pick your iPhone X, do the math and make sure you go home with the best plan possible. We will let that to you. From what we think, UMobile and Celcom has some interesting deals that’s worth checking out. If you grab your iPhone X, do let us know! 😀