TraqKid & U Mobile

U Mobile and Knightsbridge Resources has teamed up and launched their new service, TraqKid, here in the heart of Kuala Lumpur earlier this week.

Traqkid is Malaysia’s very first mobile based child tracking kit that allows parents to keep track of their children whereabouts. Not just that, it also allows the child to send an alert right away. Which means a quicker response time from the authorities. Traqkid partnered up with U Mobile to make this whole thing possible, because of its SIM-based location service technology.

Here’s how it works. TraqKid site has three different plan that comes with different data plans. These SIM Cards will support any sort of devices and it will track based on SIM location. Location can be tracked via the official site or with your mobile application. Which you can find it in Google Play Store or App Store. It’s as simple as that.


Kuan Chee Heng, Chairman of Knightsbridge Resources & Founder / CEO for Community Policing Malaysia said that Parents will be able to track via Mobile. There is no need to purchase any other accessory because of it’s SIM-based location technology embedded in the U Mobile SIM.

Jasmine Lee, Chief Marketing Officer for U Mobile said that they are glad to offer a new service like this. This could help a lot of parents to keep track of them. Yg Berhormat Dato’ Sri Hajah Rohani binti Haji Abdul Karim officiated the ceremony as well. The Minister of Women, Family and Community Development said that Children are assets to this country. In terms of development and as the ones that will be bringing this legacy along with them.


Starting from 1st November, you’ll be able to subscribe the TraqKid for your children. All you have to do is pay an extra RM 30 on top of the U Mobile Plan you’ve registered for your children. Do take note, you can only purchase this product from