Sony’s popular h.ear series gets a new splash of colors. Not just their headphones but also their Walkman that’s being offered in various colors. The h.ear series is known for it’s popping colors and a very attractive option among the younger generation, also known as Millennials. With that, let’s take a look at their product lineup.

Sony WH-H800 and Sony WH-H900N

These two particular pair of headphones are the h.ear on 2 Wireless headphones. The WH-H800 is their Mini Wireless on-ear headphones. Possibly their light and compact version. Don’t underestimate the form factor because it packs a punch. Supports High Quality wireless sound with LDAC or HSEE DX and Hi Res Audio capability. Other than that, it has a battery that can last up to 24 hours in a single complete charge.

The WH-H900N is for those who wants uninterrupted music experience. Because not only it supports HSEE DX, LDAC and Hi Res Audio. It also comes with Noise Cancellation. This time there’s a touch pad on the right side, making you control your music with taps and swipes. It also comes with Ambient Sound and Quick Attention modes, making things convenient on the move. The battery on this lasts 28 hours with a single charge.

Sony WI-H700

The WI-H700 is the h.ear series behind-the-neck style Wireless headphones. It features magnetic clips to attach your buds when it’s not in use. It vibrates when there’s an incoming call. It comes with 8 hours of battery in a full charge. Other than that, it supports Hi Res audio and it boasts a simple yet elegant look.

Sony MDR-EX750AP and Sony IER-H500A

If you’re one of those person who still prefers wired headphones over Bluetooth, these two are your best bet. Worry not, because they support Hi Res Audio via the 3.5mm Headphone cable. The MDR-EX750AP is their over ear wired headphone option whereas the IER-H500A is for those who would prefer in-ear headphones.

Pricing and Availability

The Sony WH-H900A will be sold for RM 1159, WH-800 for RM 959, WI-H700* for RM 859, MDR-H600A for RM 799 and IER-H500A for RM 399. All the products mentioned above will be available in 5 new colors. Horizon Green, Greyish Black, Twilight Red, Pale Gold and Moonlit Blue.

*- WI-H700 will be available starting from December 18, 2017.