Ever since August, I’ve been binge watching tons of series and shows on Netflix. One reason being, they offer seriously good content and great quality shows. For the past few months, there’s been some new shows on Netflix. Pretty sure every single one of you might be wondering, whether it’s good or not. Well, worry not as I’ll be sharing my Top 5 Pick in this Article for November 2017.

The Mist

If you’re a huge fan of Stephen King’s work or a Mystery fan for that matter, you’ll love this particular series. In a town called Maine Village, a mysterious fog enters the town and things starts going down. If you watched The Happening by Night Shyamalan, it has a similar concept but The Mist is a lot more creepier and scarier. As you pass by every single episode in this season, you’ll discover facts that unravels the mystery in ways you couldn’t possibly imagine.

There’s 10 Episodes in total and every single episode is about 42 minutes. As the whole season is available, it makes it a series that’s worth binge racing, if you don’t have the time.

My Rating: B+


Now if you’re one of thosewho love a series which has an involvement of politics between families and companies, this is your kind of series. What makes this series interesting is the fact that it’s an updated reboot of the classic soap that aired in 1981. Remember the actress Nathalie Kelley from the Need For Speed: Tokyo Drift? Well, she’s plays as Cristal Flores Carrington, wife of Blake Carrington who’s played by Grant Show. Also, Elizabeth Gillies plays as Fallon, daughter of Blake. This whole series is about the feud between the Carrington and Colby.

Fallon becomes unhappy due to the fact that her father, Blake Carrington getting engaged to Cristal Flores Carrington. After so many ups and downs, Fallon decides to team up with her father’s arch nemesis, Jeff Colby to take her stepmother down. But wait, there’s more to the story. Watch it to know more.

New episodes airs every Thursday but the first 5 Episodes are available on Netflix to binge.

My Rating: B-

Star Trek: Discovery

This one is no surprise, considering the fact that I’m an avid fan of Star Trek in a whole. The Discovery takes place before the Enterprise, how the whole thing went with the Klingon, the places and civilizations they explore and many more. This series isn’t for everyone. If you’re a Sci Fi Buff who loves hearing geeky terms and also who loves adventures outer space.

It has total on 9 Episodes on Netflix and the next one will air in January 8th. Meanwhile, you can binge the First 9 Episodes.

My Rating: B-

The Sinner

Another Psychological Mystery for you crazy fans out there. This isn’t a Netflix Original but it’s available on Netflix. Jessica Biel plays as Cora Tannetti, who commits a crime in public. What makes it exciting is that she does not know why she did and what caused her to behave in that way. This particular thriller can keep you at the edge of your seats wanting more and more.

My Rating: B+

Project MC2

This is a kids Show. But if you want to watch it, then why not. This particular series is by far one of the interesting science show that’s targeted toward children. A team of 5 super intelligent girls works as spy for the Secret Agent, NOV-Eight (Innovate. Geddit?). These girls solves cases in ways that’s logical and has legit science facts involved. McKeyla, being the star of the show who goes to a town, Maywood Glen to solve a case. But as time goes by, the team getting bigger with more girls.

This show has many female character roles than male which is not a bad thing at all. What’s good is that show like Project MC2 has the potential to make kids motivated and give them the excitement when they learn something new. Trust me, you’ll thank me later for mentioning this show in my Top 5 pick.

My Rating: A-

Be sure to share it with your friends and family if they have no clue what to watch this month. From now on, this will be a thing with The Adventures of Vesper where you’ll see our Top 5 Pick on Netflix every single month.