With more and more eSports event happening this month, Garena is ending this year with their Grand Finale. Arena of Valor, a moba game Garena launched a while ago has been getting tons of attention, in a short span of time. That game will be having its first tournament for this year. Also, we have League of Legends: Legacy Series happening.

Arena of Valor Cup Grand Finals

This particular finals will have Malaysia’s top 4 teams from the Malaysia Qualifiers, which had a prize pool of RM70,000. Not only that, there’s 8 qualifiers happening in Kuala Lumpur/Selangor, Johor, Perak, Pahang, Melaka and Penang.

League of Legends: Legacy Series Grand Finals

This particular series is for the League of Legends amateur players who will be competing for a prize pool of RM 35,000. There’ll be 4 teams playing for it and the two team that finishes up top, will be moving over to the League of Legends Championship Malaysia.

Comic Fiesta

These two Grand Finale will be happening at Comic Fiesta, which is happening on the 16th and 17th of December. Comic Fiesta is one of the largest pop culture event in South East Asia. They’ve also partnered up with Digi, to have a special promotion for Comic Fiesta.

That’s it. We’ll keep you posted when we get more information on this.