Speed Test. Something we all use to check out our network speed, to see what we can and cannot do with our connection. Usually these speed tests allows us to know more about our network. Also, helps in setting a benchmark that gives a kind of feedback to providers and provide a faster, reliable internet connection. Last year, Netflix announced their own Network Speed testing site and app, called FAST.com.

As we all know, Netflix is a company that provides Video on Demand service. But pretty sure most of you might have wondered, why does Netflix even have a Speed Test app. In order to provide their subscribers with good quality content, they work with their partners all over the world to improve streaming quality. They also created tools to put consumers in control of their viewing experience, keeping bandwidth aside. That tool is FAST.com.

Milestone Achieved

Ever since it was launched in May 2016, it has been growing 10 percent every month. Just few days ago, FAST.com scored a quarter billion speed tests from all over the world. These tests are generated on both desktops and mobile devices, especially when users stumble upon a network connectivity issue of sorts.

With that milestone, FAST.com is launching a new feature where you can share it on your social network (Namely Facebook and Twitter) to boast your boosted network or rant about it. Isn’t that a good feature? 😛

P.S. I know my Hotspot doesn’t have the greatest “speed” -_-