It’s the time of the year, where huge media companies release their year in Review. To see what their users like and what they didn’t. It’s no surprise that Netflix released their stats. But what’s surprising is the statistics on what Netflix users enjoyed the most. Let’s see some of the interesting Binge Facts.

Binge Facts

We all have the time of the year when a most of us streamed a lot and January 1, 2017 marked as the biggest streaming day of this year. It’s understandable because the whole world must be chilling at home with their loved one. Because duh, New Year. There’s always that one country that watches Netflix every single day. This year, Mexico had the most viewers watching Netflix every day. Bet Netflix gave them a wider array of shows to watch every single day.

We witnessed tons of movies being released this year and it’s no surprise that these movies were available on Video on Demand services like Netflix for instance. An average member watched around 60 movies on Netflix this year alone. Now, here’s the other two interesting fact that could blow your mind.

Remember Pirates of the Caribbean? Who doesn’t. Well, one member watched The curse of the Black Pearl for 365 days in a row. I have a feeling  this person must have had a Truth or Dare game on new years eve which made him to watch every single day. God, this is hilarious. Finally, one user in Antartica binged Shameless, an American Comedy which is based on a british series. That’s kind of sad if you ask me. Laughing through a series like Shameless and right after every episode, feeling “Oh boy. I’m screwed.”. But hey, look at the bright side, Netflix did keep him occupied. So yay!

Binge Categories

Netflix also released their Top 10 shows people enjoyed watching under four different category. First, The shows we Devoured. These are the kind of shows that kept us at the edge of the seats and made us wanting more. Second, The shows we Savored. This is the category that were so good that we enjoyed watching them every single episode. Third, The shows that brought us Together is the kind of shows that brought the family together. Finally, The show that got us Cheating. We all have been there, when we watch an episode way ahead of our partners. I don’t do that because I don’t have a partner… so… T_T

Well, you can check out the Top 10 series in the list down below.

Malaysia and Netflix in 2017

As of for Malaysians, we have our own favorite shows that made into the Top 10 shows for Devoured, Savored, that got us cheating and brought us together.

In Malaysia, the biggest streaming day was on the September 4th, not quite sure why is that but oh well. One member watched Kung Fu Panda 2 about 137 times in 2017. The show that had the most binge raced show in Malaysia for 2017 is Stranger Things 2. Boy, we sure do love Pandas and Mystery shows. 😛

That’s been it folks. 2017 has been a fun ride. Thanks to series and movies on Netflix, the whole entertainment experience kicked things up a notch. Let’s see what 2018 has to offer and the series we will be binge watching real soon.

P.S. 2017 has not ended. Not just yet. Because we have movies like Bright coming soon, which will be released in December 22! 😀