We are no strangers to eSports like Dota2 for instance. What we also enjoy is the battle between our favorite team in the whole wide world. ESL One is an eSports Tournament where the best teams in the world come to one place to battle each other. Not only that, they also get to walk away with the ESL One Championship Title and cash prize. This year, the ESL One Dota2 Championship 2018 was one exciting ride.  In fact, witnessing it with our own eyes was something breathtaking.

Newbee Took the Trophy Home!


After the final battle between Newbee and Team Liquid on Sunday, Newbee won the 2018 Championship title for the ESL One. It was one hell of a fight between Team Liquid as they gave their best shot and what made the match a lot interesting is the sheer hard work that they threw in to win the game. The finals was a Best of Five match where the team with the highest score would take the trophy home. After an intense game where both team scored 2-2, the final match kept everyone at the edge of their seats.

Team Liquid was so close in defeating Newbee but it took an amazing turn where Newbee didn’t give up and gave all they got and went head on in just 10-15 minutes. It was an amazing match. This was basically a rematch of The Internationals where Team Liquid scored 3 and Newbee 0 in the 2017 match.

What also made this competition exciting is also the wonderful fans and sponsors that made this game possible. Official sponsors like RedBull are no strangers to the eSports scene as they’ve also been playing a wonderous role with tournaments like the Red Bull Battle Grounds, Red Bull Player One and Red Bull Kumite.

Again, congratulations to Newbee for taking the trophy home and you guys deserved it. You’ve finally broke the curse. Also, congrats to Team Liquid. You guys gave one of the best fights I’ve witnessed with my very own life. Huge thanks to Red Bull for the wonderful experience as well.