As we all know, the moment something exciting happens at our neighbourhood, we all become so kiasu and head over first. Not sure it’s a Malaysian thing or an Asian thing. But eh. So, In-N-Out Burgers, the US Based Fast Food Burger Chain announced a very interesting news. They announced that they’ll be heading to Malaysia just for a day. More like a Pop-up store. Apparently, it was all over the news but I came to know about it on 22nd January via TheSun Daily.

TheSunDaily – Page 6 – 22nd January 2018

The news started spreading like a wildfire and so much so, a lot of them were pretty excited. Even I was. So, I just wanted to go take a look myself the very next day.

In-N-Out Burger Day


People were queuing up at 7:30 am onwards in the morning right in front of Stangers @ 47. It wasn’t shocking at all because I’ve seen people queue up at 3am in the Morning for event. I reached there about 10am. By that time, the queue was already at the end of Kanna Curry House. 20-25 minutes later, I realized the queue gotten longer than I thought.

Guys over at In-N-Out gave out Key Chains and also a tag. After that, about 11am. Everything started, but in about fifteen minutes, they announced their burgers sold out. Every single one of us in the queue were puzzled, especially the ones who got the tags and keychain. Later we realized that the tag is actually a token for the Burger.

Apparently, they had 300 burgers. So, they gave out 300 tags in the line, based on first come, first serve policy. They told that they have no more tags to give, which is no more burgers left. The rest of them left the scene. After waiting for 3 friggin hours, I finally entered Strangers at 47 and man, the moment I saw the menu, it was bonkers.

Inside Strangers at 47

At the side, they had three different burgers – Double – Double, Cheeseburger and Hamburger and two styles – Animal and Protein. They also sold Potato Chips, a potato chips and their T-shirt. I was surprised to see a price tag that’s actually affordable. In fact, they even sold as a set, which consists of a burger of your choice, potato chips and a drink of your choice.

I didn’t know which one to get, so my friend Azizul, recommended me to go for the Double-Double Animal Style Set which was RM 18. I really wanted to get the tees so badly, as a souvenir. By the time I reached the queue, they only had selected sizes. So, I went for what they had. I took my seat, waited for about 20 minutes and the glorious burger made it. It landed in front of me.

My Very First Bite of In-N-Out Burger

Here’s a shocker. I don’t eat beef. It was my first time. I literally went YOLO and took my first bite. The burger’s buns were soft, the beef patty was too soft and had this juicy consistency. The melted cheese on top of the patty gave a rich taste. The tomato, pickle and lettuce with their secret sauce gave the zesty taste. I did not expect a beef burger to taste that good. It was an out of the world experience. May be it’s because I had it for the first time, I guess. But I have to say, it was a magical moment. Thy could have gone for fries instead of potato chips. May be add some of that Animal Style sauce on top of it.

None-the-less, it was an experience that was worth the time.

What I liked

The whole execution. Starting from queuing up until getting everyone getting their burger was perfectly done. The fact that they gave out tokens as a way to count whether the burger will be enough or not was a very smart move. Here’s why. People don’t have to waste their time waiting in the queue for nothing. Let’s say I was waiting after the 300th person and they say that there’s no more burgers, honestly I’d be disappointed but I can still grab my lunch from my other favorite spot and get back to work. It’s simple as that.

The hospitality is amazing. The orders were taken immediately. It was fast and efficient. Every person had to wait for 15-20 minutes for their burger to arrive. Nothing beyond that. Eric from In-N-Out made sure that everyone is having a good time. It was amazing.

What I didn’t like

There’s nothing to say really. Except for the potato chips, everything was just fine!

Overall Experience

As a first timer, trying out In-N-Out burger for the first time and also trying out a beef burger for the first time, it was an amazing experience despite the three hours wait. Will definitely do it again. Folks over at In-N-Out, if you guys are reading this, it’s about time you guys open up your fast food chain here in Malaysia. You guys have really good stuff.

For My Lucky Readers

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