Netflix, the entertainment service that bring the best of both worlds to all of our devices is unveiling the first Original Comedy Production from Southeast Asia. What makes the whole thing a lot exciting is the fact that they are starting off with the winner of 2016 Funniest Person in the World, Harith Iskander.

I Told You So – Netflix Original

Harith Iskander’s “I Told You So” will be a comedy show that will talk about a lot of Malaysians and Singaporeans face on a frequent basis. Like family drama, awkward dating experience and so on. Ever since it’s global launch in 2016, Netflix has made Originals over 15 countries and region this year including Japan, Korea, India, Thailand, Indonesia and Taiwan. Now, Malaysia and other SE Asian Countries joins the team.

Harith Iskander told, “I’m delighted and honored to be the first comedian from Malaysia to be a part of Netflix’s original production, and bring Asian stand-ups to the global stage.

We chose to work with Netflix not only because of its vast reach to audiences around the world, but also because of how open they are in embracing our unique flavor of humor that’s so different from mainstream comedies you normally see on TV.

Upcoming Comedy Specials

Following Harith Iskander’s special which will premiere on 19th January, we will also be watching comedy shows from Fakkah Fuzz “Almost Banned” on 26th January and Kevin Jay’s “Everybody Calm Down!” on February 2nd.

So, what are you waiting for. Time to get your Netflix subscription up and running. First time subscriber will get to enjoy their Netflix Free for a month as well.