Sony Interactive Entertainment has announced that it managed to sell over 5.9 million units of its PlayStation 4 gaming console during the holiday season  of 2017, worldwide.

Robus Sales During The Holidays

Besides the 5.9 million PlayStation 4 units sold,  over 55.9 million PS 4 games were purchased during the holiday season. Sony has mentioned that since the inception of the PlayStation 4, over 645.0 million games have been sold. On top of that, PlayStation Plus subscribers now number around 31.5 million and is still rising. The platform allows subscribers to play online with friends, and users receive discounts and free games on a regular basis. Back in early December, Sony announced that it managed to sell over 70.6 million PS 4 consoles, and that figure has now gone up to 73.6 million consoles. This represents a total of 3 million units sold in the month of December itself.

Also, in 2017 itself,  over 20.2 million PS 4 units were sold over the last year. This makes 2017 the best performing year for the console, in terms of units sold since its introduction.  John Kodera, the President and CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment stated that the PS Store recorded its largest-ever monthly content sales during December 2017. Kodera also expressed his gratitude to the community and partners for helping the platform achieve such a milestone.  However, it should be noted that 6.2 million PS 4 units were sold during the 2016 holiday season. This figure is significantly higher than the 5.9 million consoles sold in 2017’s holiday period. The number one gaming system which was launched in 2013 is currently available for purchase in 127 countries and regions.