U Mobile has launched its latest prepaid plans, and it happens to come with unlimited data for certain apps. The two plans happen to be UMI 36 and UMI 26, and both have different offerings to satisfy users based on data usage.

Unlimited Data For WhatsApp & WeChat

While carriers such as Webe offer unlimited data for all mobile apps, U Mobile is taking a different approach. The orange carrier is instead offering high speed internet and unlimited data for WhatsApp and WeChat, two apps frequented by users. On top of that, users will be able to enjoy unlimited data for music streaming via the Music-Onz service. Customers will also get to experience JOOX VIP subscription via a 30-day trial which comes at no cost.

The two plans come with different amounts of data for use on all apps. UMI 36 customers will get 15GB of data in total. 7.5GB of high speed internet, coupled with 7.5GB of data to stream videos via Video-Onz. Users will also get unlimited data between 2am to 10am daily to be used  to watch videos on YouTube. Meanwhile, UMI 26 users will receive 5GB of data per month. 2.5GB of high speed internet and 2.5GB for video streaming on Video-Onz. As far as pricing goes, both plans are rather affordable for the masses. The UMI 36 costs RM 36 a month, while the UMI 26 costs RM 26 per month.

U Mobile has also noted that users will be eligible for unlimited data for social media apps via App-Onz. This includes apps such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. However, users will have to purchase the Unlimited Power Prepaid pack to use the service.