Celcom, the telco that offers wide coverage and amazing postpaid plans is now back with another product. Last time, Celcom unveiled Video Walla to their Celcom First customers where Gold Plus members get 100GB free data just for video. This time it’s not just that, you get to book a return flight ticket. How cool is that?

Celcom First Lifestyle Option: Explained!

Celcom FIRST Customers now have a wide array of choices where they can watch their favorite movies in cinema, enjoy a Grab ride, enjoy their favorite food every month for free. It doesn’t end there, consumers also have the option to enjoy discounts or rebates for online shopping. These lifestyle rewards is added to their plans in order to give their loyal customers more than what they pay.

Celcom offers two different rewards- One-off Privilege lets you book return flight tickets for free. Monthly Privileges on the other hand offers rewards every single month for you to enjoy from their partnered up merchant. On top of that, you get extra perks like Free AnydayGB, Unlimited Premium Access to Iflix and Yonder Music and so on.

Plan Breakdown

The Lifestyle options are available to every single Celcom FIRST Plans offered currently. But the reward varies. Starting off with Celcom FIRST Platinum Plan – Platinum and Platinum Plus. With the One-off Privilege, you can book a return flight within 9 ASEAN Countries whereas with the Monthly Privileges, you get to choose two lifestyle rewards every single month. On top of that, Platinum Plus gets free Internet Roaming and Unlimited Calls and SMS within the 9 ASEAN Countries. Whereas Platinum plan only gets free Internet Roaming within 9 ASEAN Countries.

Next up on the Celcom FIRST Plans, we have the Gold Plans – Gold, Gold Plus and Gold Supreme. With the One-off Privilege, you get to enjoy return flights within Malaysia and with the Monthly Privileges, you can use one lifestyle rewards per month. Sadly neither of the Gold Plans come with Free Roaming, but it’s alright.

All the plans above will get Unlimited access to iflix and Yonder Music and also Free AnydayGB.

How to Redeem and How much is it?

It’s simple. Celcom users, make sure to download and login onto their Celcom Postpaid App. Next, under My Service look for Lifestyle Privileges and redeem your lifestyle privileges. What makes the whole experience best is the fact that even existing Celcom Users will also be able to enjoy this wonderful offer.

For first timers, don’t worry because the plan price is still the same but this time, you get a lot more. Be sure to check it out and don’t miss this offer.