eCommerce is growing. In fact, we’ve seen a lot of online stores popping up in the Malaysian Counterpart. It’s an interesting idea because not only it lets consumer to shop from home. It also gives the option to go through a vast array of collection in minutes. Focus Dynamics, launched Ministry of Wine. It’s also the company’s first e-commerce site dedicated to wine.

What exactly Ministry of Wine is about?

To put it in simple words, Ministry of Wine is one of the largest wine e-commerce platforms in Malaysia. It aims to list more than 5,000 labels of wines in the near future. Their collection includes vast choices, starting from Old and New wines. They also claim that their choices are unmatched by any physical wine retailer locally and is expecting to be a growth driver.

Wine is heavily influenced by personal preferences. In order to pick the right one through the online store, Ministry of Wine has a feature the rest doesn’t. They also introduced bespoke services to help wine lovers understand their own preference. The live chat with experienced e-sommeliers known as Wine Ministers, will explain the finer points and taste profile of the many wine available.

Not just that, customers can also order bottle of personalized wine. This allows consumers to cherish the moment and the memories with their loved ones. Any bottle that’s ordered before 3pm, will be delivered on the very same day. This only applies at selected areas.

The Recipe behind their Online Site

In order to adapt to today’s needs, which is online shopping and also to address the near future. They’ve kickstarted their venture into F&B Technology leveraging on the likes of Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Digital Payments and Blockchain technology to make the store a lot smarter and better in many ways possible.

One interesting area where these can be seen working is when purchasing one. The site will generate an algorithm that provides wine recommendation to shoppers through their previous purchase, feedback system and rating system.

According to Benson Tay, the Executive Director, the group has marked its ground in the Food and Beverage, entertainment and lifestyle industry in Malaysia. The next 5 years will be an interesting period of time to watch as markets evolve with outcomes that could change the way we shop currently and take things up a notch with data-powered decision making.

“Businesses, big or small, should take advantage of the rise of the era’s digital disruptions and start empowering their workforces and customers alike.”

Mr. Tay added that the Ministry of Wine was set to change the way wine lovers approach and purchase wine. In fact, their Mobile Application will be available in the next quarter of 2018, which again will have features like never seen before.

Head over to Ministry of Wine to pick up a bottle and enjoy with your loved ones. Just in time for the festive season.