Iflix, The Leading VoD Service for emerging markets that we all know about announced their new partnership. This time they teamed up with the Football Malaysia LLP, the regulator and operator for Malaysian Official Football. They unveiled the new channel, Football Malaysia on iflix.

What is Football Malaysia on iflix?

They have partnered up to launch their new channel, “Football Malaysia on iflix”. With this channel, Malaysians will be able to stream their favorite local matches like Liga Super, Piala Malaysia and marquee Piala FA right at home and on the go. What makes “streaming on iflix” makes a lot interesting is the fact that these matches will be live streamed via iflix.

As Malaysians love football with their hearts in it, iflix and Football Malaysia LLP are bringing football home. This means, anyone who’s connected to the internet will get to live stream 4 Liga Super Matches every week. Followed by 46 tournament matches and also Liga Premier Matches.

The President of Football Association of Malaysia, the Crown Prince of Johor, Tunku Ismail Ibni Sultan Ibrahim said, “I am a firm believer and supporter of unity and moderation in our diverse nation. Football is the people’s game. It brings us together, and can help to unite us. Malaysians everywhere should be able to enjoy it without restriction.”

“With iflix, we have found likeminded partners and a key common goal; which is to return football to the people and restore its former glory.”

Pricing & Availability                          

Starting from 3rd February, iflix users will be able to access this new channel and live stream, catch up and enjoy the matches and features. Not only that, for new users who just wants to check out Football Malaysia on iflix channel, they’ll still be able to access and watch their favorite match and tournament for free. Do take note, you’ll only be able to watch 4 matches weekly for free. Head over to iflix to know more.