Every single smartphone users out there have a soft spot for Nokia. The company that was in the big league back in the day. Last year, Nokia made it’s debut in MWC with their lineup of smartphones. Not to forget, they also resurrected the smartphone that made Nokia who they were, the 3310. Later, we even saw a 4G variant of it. This year, not only Nokia unveiled their new smartphones, they resurrected another classic. The Nokia 8110.

Nokia 8110: The Banana Phone

The Nokia 8110 was a legendary smartphone back in the day. This time, the 8110 has 4G under the hood. Not only that, the iconic slider design is also back. Not only that, the new 8110 supports crystal clear VoLTE calling capability.

The moment you look at the screen, it has the familiar and easy-to-use interface which we were in love with for a long while. The tactile T9 keyboard is still there for those who miss the way that everyone texted back in the day. Not just that, you can even slide to answer and end calls. You can even spin it like a helicopter on its axis.

The phone runs Qualcomm 205 Mobile Processor that has the capability to handle all the task it should. Well, it may not run Android, instead it runs an OS called KaiOS where you can still access Google Maps and many more.

Pricing & Availability

The Nokia 8110 will be available in color, Traditional Black and Banana Yellow. It will be sold for €79, which roughly converts to $100 / ~RM 380 and will be available later this year in May.

As for the Malaysian Market, there’s no update on it but when we get our hands on the information, you’ll definitely hear it from us. So, be sure to like our Facebook Page and stay tuned for more amazing content like this. 🙂