It’s the time of the year. Chinese New Year. Where everyone gather around and celebrate with their loved ones. The food. The Angpau (Redpacket with $$$). Sounds exciting but as Asians we know, everything comes at a price. The struggle when we are around our loved ones for long, can be a bit menacing. You know which one I am talking about…

“You got boy/girlfriend already ah?”
“Ah Boy, when you getting married?”
“What are you studying now?”
“Your job can make money ah?” 

Answering those questions can be a lot annoying especially when they ask you like a gazillion times. Bet you’ve gone to an extent by saying “I have something important to do.”, escape from the scene and head back to your place. Well, just in time for Chinese New Year, Netflix is here to save us from all the miserable questions and bring us to their Virtual Wonderland.

Which Netflix Family are you?

Bet you must be wondering what to watch on Netflix. Don’t worry. Here’s a quiz that you can do to find out what you should watch. Netflix has narrowed down the 5 best series to watch during this Chinese New Year. Check out the Flowchart below!

Hope by now, you found that right series to watch or binge this Chinese New Year ey. If you’re still second thought about what to watch, fret not.  Netflix’s favourite comedian Ng Man Tat has some interesting words to share on how to navigate through the usual CNY traditions and superstitions.

Oh! Dont forget Nian the monster because it’ll show you how to get a red hot start to the new year.

Make sure to enjoy your Chinese New Year with your loved ones, make new memories and get lots of ang pau! We at The Adventures of Vesper would like to wish our lovely readers, Gong Xi Fa Cai. We also have a question for you

Got Netflix Account or not ah?

If you have one, that’s good. Start watching. If you don’t have one, it’s alright because when you register for the first time, you get your first month for free! So, do it! 😀

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