Sci-Fi is a category that involves Science, be it what ever subject it could be. It’s also a category that’s considered quite popular in the world of entertainment. Watching these contents can be unnerving but find the right one can be a bit of a challenge. This is not the case when Netflix is around. In fact, they’ve not only been adding existing contents to their channel but also add Originals created by Netflix. This time the show that blew our minds was Altered Carbon, a show that really stole our heart as we were watching it.

About Altered Carbon



Altered Carbon – it’s a story that’s based on a classic cyberpunk noir novel by Richard K. Morgan. This particular story is set more than 300 years in the future. It’s a story of murder, love, sex and betrayal. This particular time in the future, it’s totally different. Society has been transformed into new technology. Human Consciousness can be digitized. Human bodies are called sleeves where you can change it, making death no longer permanent.

This story main character is Takeshi Kovacs, a lone survivng soldier who is a part of a group called Envoy. Envoy is a group of elite interstellar warriors who were defeated in an uprising against the new world order. His mind gets imprisoned for centuries on ice, until Laurens Bancroft, an impossibly wealthy, long-lived man, gives Kovacs the opportunity to live for an exchange, that is solve a murder. The murder of Bancroft himself.

Reasons Why You Should Watch Altered Carbon

Number One: The Technology in the Series

Yeah, duh. You shouldn’t be surprised when we say that. 😛 In fact, in happens in the near future. The technology is insane. Take in case of the Sleeves, which is a human shell that people can use. It’s like changing clothes, only problem is that it doesn’t come at an very affordable price tag. There’s more too!

The weapon they use, how Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality shapes the future and many more. It’s like you get to watch the kind of technology that Black Mirror would show in their series. Don’t worry, in terms of story line, it isn’t the same at all.

Number Two: The Beautiful Cinematography

We love cinematography. The Angle. The Color. It adds more life to the whole story itself. The whole series was shot at Vancouver and selected scenes were shot at different places. It all looks gorgeous. For instance a shot where they film a scene at the West Building of Vancouver Convention Centre. You can check out Atlas of Wonders article on where exactly it was shot.

Number Three: The Storyline & It’s based on a Book

Like we mentioned earlier, it happens in the near future. We have so many movies that takes place in the near future. This particular series’s storyline is good in so many ways. You have to watch it to know it. You can check out the trailer for this below. You’ll know what exactly I am talking about.

Number Four: All the Episode is on Netflix!

Watching series is one thing but waiting for each episodes every week can be a bit of annoying. With this series, you don’t have to wait as you have the complete Season on Netflix to watch anytime. I won’t say Anywhere because it’s definitely NSFW. Heh. If you’re like me, you can even binge race it in a day and be done with it.

In fact, Malaysians take only 5 median days to start their first binge on Netflix, faster than our counterparts where they take 12 median days. Malaysia Boleh! Now what are you waiting for, head over to Netflix and start watching it. If you don’t have a subscription, worry not. Because Netflix gives free One Month Subscription to first timers. Umm, existing users you know the drill lah. Heh.

Altered Carbon is a series on Netflix. It’s not recommended for anyone below 18.