I love using my DSLR most of the time. In fact, I rely on it most of the time for product shots and even shooting videos. For those who want to know what DSLR I am using, it’s the Nikon D3200. It’s an amazing entry-level DSLR that takes really great images. The thing with entry level DSLR is – you are missing a lot of features comparing to a mid-range DSLR that’s packed with a lot of interesting goodies under the hood. Last year, Kickstarter had something in-house that’s very interesting.

Arsenal, a start-up company by Ryan Stout decided to make a module that makes your DSLR smarter in so many ways, that it’s going to blow your brains out. They announced their World’s first Intelligent Camera assistant which is powered by Machine Learning. This basically allows the photographer to wirelessly control their camera and also perform advanced techniques.

Arsenal DSLR Assistant



Under the hood of the Arsenal, the Artificial Intelligence (AI) is powered by a series of machine learning algorithms which was trained on a database of millions of photographs and their metadata. What the AI does is that it compares the scene with it’s database and adjusts based on the variables, thus giving the right shot you want.

The Arsenal does not only work with DSLR. It also works with Mirrorless cameras. Apparently, with the help of Arsenal, you can control your camera from up to 100 feet away. With the help of your smartphone, you’ll be able to adjust the settings, watch the live preview and yes, trigger the shutter remotely. It happens to simplify certain advanced photographic techniques. For instance, it can perform photo stacking, long exposures and timelapses. The final RAW will be saved directly into the camera.

Connecting it through your smartphone means, you have a lot of options to go through. There’s an option to review photos – from the camera on your phone, even view RAW files. What’s better is that, you can share on your Social Network right away.

Here’s some shots that was taken using the Arsenal and you know what, I’ll let you guys be the judge.



Arsenal, claims that the DSLR Assistant will be available for both iOS and Android counterpart. The module then connects to the smartphone with the help of Bluetooth or WiFi. The device then communicates with the camera via the Micro-USB connection.

They also said that they’ll be supporting the growing market of DSLR and Mirrorless Cameras by making their product compatible with every single camera in the market possible like Canon, Nikon, Sony, Fuji and more in the works.

A word from Ryan Stout, Arsenal’s Founder and CEO

“Today’s cameras have amazing optics, but they do very little to actually help you take a good photo. You can go spend a thousand dollars and out-of-the-box it will take worse photos than your smartphone. Arsenal changes that by making your existing camera smarter.”

Pricing and Availability

During the Kickstarter campaign, the Arsenal was sold for $150 and the best part was, the product raised more than a million dollars in two weeks, exceeding the initial fundraising goal by 2,000%. More than 6,000 backers contributed for the product itself.

Don’t worry, you can still get for an amazing price tag. It’s now available for pre-order on their Official Site for $175. Again, take note this is a limited time offer. Better be quick because there’s like very few units left. The retail price tag will be $250. Make sure to check them out. 

P . S . We are not sure whether we’d review this but stay tuned aite. 🙂