We are in the month of March, the first question that pops up in your mind is – Have I crossed out things off my Resolutions? Well, I did. Yes, the answer to that question isn’t a really great one. Guess what, you are not alone. According to a study on Statistic Brains, only 9.2% of people achieved their new year goals. The rest, what happened lah? It’s alright. Spotify, the popular music streaming service is here and they want to share some interesting insights and also answer that one question in your head.

The Question: How to Stay on Track?

Let’s talk about Music. Music is a beautiful creation. Not only you can enjoy listening to some of the best tunes, it also lets you express your emotion. There’s a lot of songs – one can keep you happy, the other one can increase your focus. There’s just so many. Adding Streaming service like Spotify into the equation, you get so many playlists that curates songs you like and what you want too.

Eve Tan, the Team Lead Shows & Editorial for Spotify South East Asia, Hong Kong and Taiwan agrees. She said, ““Music engages different parts of our brain – emotional, physical and cognitive – all at once and it is a part of how we motivate ourselves on a daily basis. Our musical journey is highly personal and our taste and preferences reflect a lot about who we are, what we are doing and how we feel in any given moment.”.

Sometimes people may not be expressive as you think. But the music they listen to expresses a lot about the person. That’s why we have things like Discovery Weekly, where Spotify learns your behavior and understands your taste, giving you the right songs possible. On top of that, Spotify is also able to understand how their listening habits relate to what they’re like offline, from their personality traits and lifestyle choices.

How Well do you Know about you?

Spotify has created a quiz. Yes, a quiz to understand you better. They’ve created this quiz together with the Motivational Speaker and life coach, Xandria Ooi. All you have to do is answer the question below to find out – what personality you belong to – The Planner, The Risk Taker, Easy Going or Dynamic- and know more on how to stay motivated towards your goals!

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 What are you waiting then? Time to listen to these playlist and get things going! 😀
Here’s three playlists from Spotify to keep you on your feet and get you moving.