One thing Netflix prioritize other than providing the best content to watch, they take their user experience seriously. Back in 2016, you’d have seen a change in your Netflix app on your Smart TV – where you see previews of the shows. One of the good thing with this is the fact that you get to watch more and browse less. Later, it made it over to the web version – where the same thing happened. Today, Netflix announces Mobile Preview.

Netflix Mobile Preview

Mobile Preview is the same thing as video Preview that we see on our other device. This time, it’s making it to the Mobile counterpart. Netflix mentioned that they’ll be starting with the iOS ecosystem. What it does is that – the Netflix Mobile Preview has previews of some of the interesting shows and you can just tap, view the preview and if you want to watch it – Just tap watch. Simple as that.

Netflix’s prime goal with the Mobile Preview is to provide personalized suggestions according to what you like and what you enjoyed watching in the past. Again, this means – More watching, Less Browsing. Fun fact, the Netflix Mobile Team has been working on this for almost a year and have tested various methods – just to make sure it doesn’t clutter up the app and still retain the clean app experience.

Android users, worry not. It will definitely be available to you real soon. All you have to do (including myself) is just to wait a bit more for it. Meanwhile, don’t forget to enjoy your favorite show and have fun! If you are new to Netflix, register for the first time and you’ll get your first month for free on Netflix. 🙂