We all know for a fact how eSports can get interesting. Especially with all these collaborations and sorts. Well, guess what – today there’s another interesting collaboration happening. Acer Malaysia’s Gaming Series – Predator will be teaming up with the Malaysian eSports gaming team – GeekFam

Who is GeekFam?

If you guys are unaware of GeekFam, here’s a brief history about them. GeekFam was founded by two young chaps – Lim Keat Kuang and Joseph Yeoh, who have been friend for more than 10 years. They founded GeekFam in November 2016. They made their debut in the Dota2 Scene and kaboom – they became one of the Malaysia’s top eSports team. Now they have expanded into the League of Legends realm and they are definitely going up the Malaysian Placement charts.

A word from Keat

Keat, one of the founders of GeekFam said, “We hope to see how partnership with Predator being mutually beneficial, and together, accomplishing our individual goals by being each other’s support pillars. We are thrilled that Predator is on board with Geek Fam!”

A word from Johnson

Johnson, the Director of Products and Sales for Acer Malaysia said, ” We have continuously immersed ourselves in the gaming community in the country, be it casual gamers or professionals.” He also said that this has enabled them to understand the need and desires of gamers. The Sponsorship with GeekFam is another manifestation of their commitment to gamers. They are excited at the prospects of conquering new world together with such a successful team.

It looks like this is going to be one epic collaboration and things are going to get a lot more interesting! 😀