• Understated Look
  • Bluetooth Connectivity
  • Good Sound Production
  • Doesn't distort much at Higher Volume


  • Control Panel on the Back
  • Switching to Bluetooth Mode is Tricky
  • Bass isn't that Intense

Music is part of a person’s life. I for one, take music as an important aspect in my life. It let’s me express my emotion, not by talking but through the rhythm. In order to feel that emotion, having a really good pair of headphones or speaker can get that feels. Edifier, a company that we are no stranger to makes decent audio products at various range – be it Portable speakers, table speakers and many more. A long while back, Edifier sent us their Book Shelf speakers – the Edifier R1010BT. It’s a 2.1 channel speakers which offers a bit of a trick in that package. I’ve used super long enough, listened to all my favorite songs. It’s time for me to give my opinion on the speakers. Is it a really good bang for the buck? Let’s find out

Design & Build Quality

Starting off with the design itself,



it doesn’t have anything fancy going on.  It comes in this cuboidal shape that looks very simple and neat. The color that we got was Black. So, it has this stealthy look going all over the speakers. When you remove the dust filter, you’ll notice that the driver sports a yellow accent on it. For some, they might be a bit bummed out because of that yellow accent. But I am completely okay with it because it has a bit of the classic batman color scheme (if you know what I mean.) On the sides, you’ll see this wooden texture to give this feel of premium material but it’s okay. Nothing fancy really.

The whole speaker is constructed with MDF – Medium Density Fiberboard. Edifier opted in for an MDF to damp out those powerful vibrations and sorts to give the clearest listening experience possible. If you’re curious on how thick the MDF is, it’s about 15mm thick. The rounded off corners actually is really smart move. Not only it gives a fine finished look, you don’t have to worry too much about the wear and tear like some speakers with sharp edges.

It’s weird to see Edifier going for a sticker foot to elevate the speakers a bit. But it works, I didn’t lose any of it, so that’s a good sign.

Overall, it’s really good.




Let’s talk about the technical aspect of these speakers. The Edifier R1010BT sports two drivers in each unit. There’s a bass driver and a treble driver. The Bass Driver is about 4 inch, the one with the yellow accent. The Treble Driver is 13mm. On the back of the left unit, you’ll find all the controls and inputs. We have the Volume and Bass control knob. Pressing the Volume knob switches the speaker to Bluetooth mode. Beside the knobs, you’ll see the LINE IN RCA ports – both one and two.

Below the control knob, you’ll find the power switch and the wire clip that connects to the right speaker unit. The power cord is connected to the speakers, which means you cannot remove it from the unit. This is normal.


With the Edifier R1010BT, you get to connect to the speakers via two different options. First is through the Auxillary Cable (which is included) that connects through the RCA ports on the speakers. Second, you have another cable with 3.5mm (F) to RCA. Finally, there’s the other mode – Bluetooth Mode. Toggling to Bluetooth mode is simple. All you have to do is, press the Volume button and the indicator on the front of the speaker will change from Green to Blue.

Connecting via the cable is very straightforward and there’s no issues with it. The cable the speaker comes with is about 1.7m – which is long enough to connect to your PC or Laptop. Personally, I think that they could have had the AUX – 3.5mm Jack (F) on the speaker itself rather than having another RCA to 3.5mm, which you have to take another extra step to make your wire management a lot better.

My personal favorite part of this speaker is obviously the Bluetooth Mode. I do my best to keep very few cables on my table as much as possible. It sure helps me a lot. Connecting one device to the speaker is simple. All it took me was 5-10 seconds. The only downside with the Bluetooth mode is that – over time – pressing the volume button to switch to Bluetooth gets annoying as it loses its sensitivity. Also, it takes a bit of time to get used to pressing the button without looking at the back of the speakers. I found myself pressing the bass knob countless number of times and then go “Why isn’t the speaker working?”.

The Bluetooth connection can last up to 10 meters. During my time using the speakers, I paired it to my laptop, Smartphone and I had no issues with it. It was kind of hard to pair two devices but when it does, it works really well.

Sound Quality

Possibly one of the most important part of the review and I am very sure you guys came for this. So, let’s just get into it. By now, you are aware of the fact that the speaker has a Treble and a Bass driver. The songs that I personally listen to is in .m4a format. Starting off with songs that has bass response – Do re mi by Blackbear. For a speaker with just these two driver – it is good. The vocal was clear and had no muffling sounds. The bass, it wasn’t intense as I thought it’d be but it was present. The second song I tried – Sirens of the Caspian by Sevdaliza on Soundcloud. This particular song has intense bass beat drop. The voice was alright. The bass was intense but the other aspect of the sound was suppressed.

Moving on to songs that emphasizes more on Vocals – I went for Anxious by EZI. The voice was clear as the day and it didn’t have any distortion of sorts. It was surprisingly good. This is just for music. Now if you were to watch movies and series, the audio quality is good enough to give a bit of immersive feeling. Most of my time, I watched movies and series from Netflix and iflix – the sound quality was alright. For offline content, the audio was as I expected. It was fine and there wasn’t any hiccup. If this thing had a Subwoofer, it would have been epic. Then again, it would have been pointless to call a bookshelf speaker.

You might be wondering how much space it’s going to take. Well for one, the speaker is relatively small. I placed it on my table and it didn’t take up a lot of space as it sits nice and well. Something to take note about this speaker is that they are not portable but, if you want to move it around or even bring it as a part of your setup for a small event or something – it’s easy to carry and manage – thanks to it’s form factor.


Overall, the Edifier R1010BT is surprisingly a good package. It checks out almost every single box on my checklist. While it may not be an audiophile grade speaker, the R1010BT is a really great value and also a good speaker to get – considering it’s bang for the buck price tag. The Edifier R1010BT is available in two different colors – a brown wooden finish and a black with yellow accent finish. For RM 299 on Lazada, I can totally recommend this speaker for those who wants something that doesn’t break the bank.

Huge thanks to Edifier | Inter-Asia for sending us the Edifer R1010BT to our VesperLab. 🙂