iflix has been bringing a lot of contents in a very short span of time. With that being said, iflix’s Studio 2:15 – a studio that produces short form series, premieres iflix’s Original series, CupidCo.

What is CupidCo?

Cupid Co, a tale of a Cupid named Tim where he makes a human, Michelle, fall in love with him – which is against the laws of the heaven. Because of this, To m faces the consequences of his actions, navigating life, love, and mistakes with his best-friend and colleague, Bruce, by his side.

Behind CupidCo

Like we said, CupidCo is a short series. Iflix solicited tenders from local content creators to make this original series happen. Macam Yes Studios, was awarded with funding for their proposal to make the story into a show. The whole story was written by Brian Lee and Ernest Ng. Dan Khoo was the Co-director and the Executive Directors.

As for the casts, you’ll find the local content creators – Michael Lean, Michelle Leong, Dennis Yin, Amanda Ang, Tanesh and Ernest Ng in the short series.

A Word from Craig Galvin, Head of Studio2:15

“This collaboration marks iflix’s first endeavour in creating short-form content. We are thrilled to partner with one of Malaysia’s finest and most acclaimed home-grown content creators, whilst giving them a whole new platform to expand their talent and creativity.

The vision underscores iflix’s commitment to work closely with creator communities, developing localised content that appeals to our local audiences. Mobile users are the driving force in internet viewing, and Cupid Co. is the first of many projects lined up for release in the next few months as part of Studio2:15.

We are pleased to premiere Cupid Co.exclusively on iflix for free to anyone in Malaysia, regardless of their subscription status.”

A word from Dan Khoo, the Founder of Macam Yes Studios

“We are proud to have Cupid Co. premiere as an iflix Original and we are grateful and excited for the opportunity to share our creative visions on a bigger stage by collaborating with Studio2:15. Working with iflix has enabled us to get another step closer to our audiences and fans.”

How to watch CupidCo?

Well, it’s pretty simple. All you have to do is head over to iflix.com. Login to your account and start watching it. If you don’t have an iflix Account, worry not. You can sign up for a new account and your first month is on the house.

So, what are you waiting for? Time to watch the mini series.

P.S. it took me less than a day to finish it. That’s how short it is. 🙂