We are no strangers to Transcend and their products. In fact, I’ve personally owned some of their products and used it as a part of my daily life. This time around, Transcend is unveiling their new lineup of SD and MicroSD Card – that’s has higher speeds and comes in huge storage capacity. It’s their new 500S and 300S series SD and MicroSD Card.

Their new memory cards has the capacity up to a whopping 512GB and boasts transfer speeds up to 95 MB/s*. Let’s see what their new cards has to offer.

Transcend 300S & 500S SD and MicroSD Cards

Class 1 A1 Performance with 300S

With the new Transcend SD cards, the 128GB 300S (to be specific) is certified with a Class 1 Standard responsiveness. This means that the card has higher performance rate. Technically, the card has the potential to perform 1500 IOPs on random read operations and 500 IOPS on random write operations and sequential speeds atleast 10 MB/s. As for the read and write speeds – the card gets a 95 MB/s read and 45 MB/s write speed.

UHS V30 Compliance with the 500S

With today’s standards where we capture hi-res videos, for instance 4K UHD content, we need a reliable storage. The 500S SD and MicroSD are certified with UHS Video Speed Class V30. This means that you can shoot smooth, uninterrupted UHD 4K Video. As for the read and right speed, it has atleast 95MB/s read and 60MB/s write speeds.

Protection Guaranteed

Transcend performs a bunch of tests to make sure that their MicroSD cards doesn’t go through any hiccup. Their cards has the capability to perform at temperatures – extreme temperatures of -25 Celcius to 85 Celcius. It’s waterproof, Shockproof, Vibration proof and X-Ray proof. On top of that, these SD Card’s common file errors can be fixed with the native error-correcting code that’s embedded in devices.

Transcend’s RecoveRx Software

One reason why you’d wanna pick up Transcend Cards is because of their RecoveRx data recovery and storage device management software. You can recover erased photos, documents, music and videos with the help of it.

Transcend 300S and 500S Options

The Transcend 300S SD cards is available, starting from 16GB and all the way up to 512GB, whereas the microSD Cards are offered from 16GB till 128GB. Finally, we have the 500S – that comes in 8GB all the way up to 128GB.