Iflix has been making a lot of progress and we are so happy for them. Not too long ago, they unveiled their iflix Original Short Series Cupid Co and more. Today, they have an interesting new news. Meet the new iflix 3.0 – this is the new refreshed iflix. This time they’ve added more features to make sure that the consumer get the best experience possible.

What’s New with iflix 3.0?

Iflix Free

Say hello to iflix Free – their new free tier which offers unique new features and content, allowing users to preview, explore and discover new content. Starting off with Movie of the Day, where iflix will suggest a fresh new movie every single day. They have Premium short-form content which consist of Originals, leading formats and program all around the world like QYou, Complex Media, Korean Series, Local content, iflix Originals and iflix Snacks.

They’ll have Premium Regional and International TV series, which will be available exclusively on iflix. So, some of the shows include The Grand Prince, My First Love, Pororo, Tayo the Little Bus and more to come. They’ll also be having Promotional episodes and pilots from famous series and films from their key genres – like Dexter, Man vs Wile and many more.

Finally, there’ll be an access to exclusive, premium local content from iflix Originals. As of now, they have some of the iflix’s most popular shows like Magic Hour. The upcoming action-packed Series, KL Gangsters: Underworld, Exit 49 – which will be released later this year, Stand-up comedies like Oi! Jaga Mulut and Jon Atherton: Disoriental. We have my favorite, Coconuts TV – where it exposes the underbelly of Asian Subculture.

All these contents that we’ve mentioned above will be a part of iflix’s new free tier. What makes it even interesting is the fact that all the users will be able to enjoy these shows, doesn’t matter what your subscription status is. This is definitely a shocking yet an interesting step.

Live Hub

Under live hub, we get everything live. This includes the Linear free-to-air and pay TV channels across both free and paid tiers. Live Premium sports channel like Football Malaysia, Cricket, World Cup and many more. Last but not least, Live Premium Events which includes competition and concerts.

So, do you like what iflix is offering right now? We sure are. What are you waiting for then – head over to iflix.com to find out more and watch the shows right now.