As we all are aware of, Music is a beautiful form of emotion that’s filled with rhythms and beats that could get anyone into that right feeling. We are no strangers to Spotify, the leading streaming service all across the world. If you haven’t heard of them, then I guess Spotify isn’t available in your country yet.

Earlier, Spotify made a huge change with their Spotify library and the application itself. In a couple days, you’ll be noticing a lot of changes with your Spotify – with new changes and features that makes your listening experience, yours. This includes both Premium users and Free users as well.

What’s the New Change?

On-Demand Playlists

Now, users get to take control over their listening experience – where everyone can discover both new artist and return to their favorites. Spotify has fifteen new on-demand playlists that offers the ability for you to pick and play any track, as long it’s within their curated list. Now, the On-Demand Playlists will be unique to every single one – it will be based on your previous listening experience and your musical taste as well.

Personalization at its finest

If you were to sign up for the first time, Spotify will ask you about the artists you love and it’ll curated playlist that matches your taste – like for instance Daily Mix. Now these playlist can be accessed right at the home screen of the Spotify app, so that’s pretty straight forward.

Making it yours

Now when you have the playlist playing, you can choose the songs and the artists you Like as you listen. If you tap the Heart, you can quickly save that song to your Favorites playlist. If there’s a song that you don’t like, then you can do that and it will never appear again. The more you do this, the more accurate Spotify can suggest.

Play music with Less Mobile Data


One thing we are all aware of – is the fact that Free users can’t save their songs offline as it’s a premium feature. Also, the data plan in Malaysia is another pain as we don’t have unlimited data for our streaming services and streaming it on our data only burns our data faster. Now, what Spotify did was, they have added a new feature – Data Saver. Toggling this on will optimize your listening experience and it’ll use less mobile data when listening to your music.

So, are you excited in trying out these new features? Spotify said that these features will be rolling out globally to all the markets sooner than we expect. So, let’s get this party started! 😀