Have you ever wondered what would it look like if Lenovo ThinkPad and the older Legion had a baby? I didn’t either. But guess what, looks like they’ve answered that question. Meet the new Lenovo Legion Y530 and Legion Y730, their new Gaming Laptop with an amazing understated look.

Lenovo Legion Y530 & Y730


I must talk about the design, I mean come on. How often do you get to see a gaming laptop that has an understated look like this? It’s beautiful. Both Y530 and Y730 houses this same design – which has a bit of the work and play look to it. Lenovo claims that their new laptops have better cooling systems under the hood. The laptop houses a dual-channel cooling system with multi rotational fan blades. This improves the airflow by 16% with 10% cooler system temperatures. These are some of the things that both laptops share.

In terms of specification, both the new Legions run the latest Intel Core i 8th Generation processors. The Lenovo Y530 has two options – it either comes with a 1050 or a 1050Ti. Whereas the Y730 on the other hand, has a 1050Ti. What makes the Lenovo Y730 stand out from the rest is that – it has an RGB Keyboard. It is the world’s first gaming laptop to feature a completely customizable Corsair iCUE RGB backlit keyboard with system lighting.

Not just that, the Y730 has an option to go for Corsair’s Overclocked DDR4 Memory as well. The Y530 on the other hand is more of a mainstream option where you can go up to 32GB of RAM under the hood. Good thing is that, the Y530 speakers are powered by Harman with Dolby support whereas the Y730 has support for Dolby Atmos.

You can check more about the specification about the two Legions below.

Pricing and Availability

As for the pricing and availability, the 17-inch Y730 will start from $1,249.99 whereas the 15-inch starts at $1,179.99. The Lenovo Legion Y530 on the other hand will only come in a 15-inch and the price starts at $929.99. We have no clue or news from the folks over at Lenovo whether it will ever hit the shores of Malaysia. When it does, you’ll hear it first from us. So, don’t forget to like us on Facebook!