We here love taking a look at some of the products that isn’t mainstream. There’s a lot of product that is innovative down to it’s core. When it comes to the audio game, a lot of companies have been doing their best to give the best experience for their users by customizing the audio listening experience. Honestly, a lot of these companies are still struggling in offering the right customized experience. Although, there is one company in the market that has broke that and offers a listening experience, that you can call yours. Meet the Nuraphone.


Nuraphone is a headphone that adapts to your hearing with the self-learning engine. What this particular engine does is that – it automatically measures your hearing by monitoring the otoacoustic emissions. This completely eliminates tests like Adaptive Sound where it emits frequency sounds and asks you “can you hear this?”. The whole learning process takes about a minute. This happens with the help of the mobile application and once it matches your hearing – it then stores the profile onto the headphones itself. It can store up to three different profiles.

If you noticed the design, it looks like an over-ear headphones but when you look inside, you’ll see an in-ear setup. What is this sorcery? Nuraphone calls it inova – it’s both. What this particular architecture does is that it gives bass you can feel and maintain crystal-clear detail. The headphone divides the melodic counterpart to the in-ears and low-tones to the over ear. It does all this without leaking in anyway. They call this whole experience – the FrontRow Immersion.

The other part that I am really happy to see personally, is the inclusion of aptX HD Bluetooth support. This allows you to listen to the highest quality sounds wirelessly. It doesn’t end there. You can even connect the Nuraphones with USB-A, USB-C, micro USB, Lightning and a 3.5mm cable. Speaking of the power, the headphones have smart response built in. So, the moment you remove it from your ears – it will power off by itself. Nuraphone claims to offer 20 hours of active use.

Pricing and Availability

The nuraphone is a headphone you can buy right now. It’s sold for $399 USD (~ RM 1,600) | $499 AUD (~ RM 1,486). Good thing is you can get one for yourself here in Malaysia through their Online Store – you can click here to get one for yourself.

Will we be taking a closer look and probably do a review on this? Well, only time will tell. 😊 So, stay tuned to us and make sure to like our Facebook page or follow us on Instagram.