From what I remember, the Samsung Gear VR has been in the market for about 4 years now. What makes this VR special is that, it’s powered by Oculus. Now, there is something interesting that’s hot out of the oven. It’s about their VR headset of course. If you noticed carefully, Samsung has been renaming their product lineup – Gear Watch and Gear Fit to Galaxy Watch and Galaxy Fit.

Goodbye Gear VR, Hello Galaxy VR

Just like our title suggests, rumor has it that the Samsung Gear VR will be rebranded to Galaxy VR. Apparently, this is a step taken to unify all their product lineup under one tag – their infamous “Galaxy”. Now, this is still a rumor and we have no clue whether it will happen.

We all have heard the rumors for the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S10 where it will feature a high-res display. So, possible chances are, there will be this new Galaxy VR launched along with that. Do take note, S10 isn’t happening anytime soon. But the Note9 is. If that’s the case, then we might even see it getting announced alongside with the upcoming Note.

For now, it’s all just rumors and speculation but when it becomes real – we will keep you posted.

Source: SAMMobile