Ever since the penetration of Video-on-Demand services in Asia, it literally reshaped the whole content consumption. Users are now going for services like iflix, Netflix and many more. Not only they offer some of the best contents, it’s also flexible – you can watch it wherever, whenever you want. Most of the contents these services offer are no strings attached, which can be good and bad. Especially when certain content can be inappropriate for certain audience.

In order to make sure that everyone gets to watch their favorite content but to make sure it’s appropriate, leading subscription video-on-demand services across ASEAN, have joined forces and announce the following, Subscription Video-on-Demand Industry Content Code. What this particular code does is that, it safeguards consumers interest.

More about Subscription Video-on-Demand Industry Content Code

This particular idea came up at the ASEAN Telecom Regulators Council dialogue which happened in Bangkok in September 2017. They brought the regulators and the industry in dialogue – to create a united solution with all the ASEAN countries. CASBAA, a regional industry association has welcomed and supported this initiative.

Some of the popular service to be on board with the new Code.

Here’s what this code does – it sets this ground rule where the content offered on these platforms are authentic, free from hate speech, hate crimes, pornography and other forms of inappropriate content. It doesn’t end there. These services will be taking further steps to make sure that the content they deliver their users are age-appropriate.

VoD companies said the following,

“We share a mutual objective of putting consumer well-being at the heart of our services. This Code demonstrates our commitment to making sure that the consumer is able to make content viewing choices that are right for them and their families.”

The companies are looking forward to work with more SVOD Services as the time goes on under the Code and to make sure that these services are identified as a trusted source from the pirates in the sea.

A Code like this sounds amazing, considering the fact that this would eliminate piracy stage by stage. On the other hand, does this mean that the content we watch on Video-on-Demand services are going to be censored? We are not too sure just yet. What we can tell is – stay tuned to us because as the story develops, we will definitely keep you posted about it.