• Decent Build Quality
  • Good Performance
  • Affordable Price Tag
  • Impressive One Touch Backup Feature


  • Glossy Top prone to Scratches

Ever since the production and availability of external storage solutions, it has been, and it is still under great demand. Be it – Pen drives, HDD, SSDs and many more. One of the storage solution consumers opt in for – it’s external portable Hard Drive. It can be tricky to get the right one as there’s so many out there in the market. But we have brands that has good reputation with their products. Our friends over at Transcend sent us their External Storage Solution for us to review it. It’s the StoreJet 25A. We have used it for a while now and it’s time for us to give our final Verdict on this Hard Drive.

Design and Build Quality


For a portable hard drive, it does have a bigger dimension. It comes in at 130.6mm x 80.1 mm x 15.0 mm respectively. The StoreJet 25A3 has a very generic design with this cuboidal shape and rounded off corners. The ones we received has this black finish on the top with a hexagon pattern design that gives a bit of The Shining look to it. Right below that design, you’ll notice the Transcend logo. On the bottom, it has this rough pattern design going on. It’s a smart move because the odds of getting scratches is high but won’t be visible.

The Transcend StoreJet 25A3 has a plastic enclose – which is very normal for an external Hard Drive. If you find the black color too main stream, you can opt in for their white finish StoreJet which looks elegant and beautiful. It can take some small drops because Transcend claims that the enclosure is shock resistant and has 360-degree protection. That’s good to know.


The Transcend StoreJet 25A3 has a lot of trick up it’s sleeves. For starters, it has the support for SuperSpeed USB 3.1 Gen 1. Not just that, this hard drive has features that I usually don’t come across. The Quick Reconnect Button reconnects the Hard Drive after it goes into idle mode. This is a lot convenient than unplugging and connecting back in. It’s a smart way to reduce the connector’s life cycle from getting it damaged sooner. The One Touch Auto-Backup button allows you to backup your files in a snap. Other than that, the hard drive has 256-bit AES file and folder encryption.

But to make some of these features work, you’ll need to install the Transcend Elite Software which is included inside the Hard Drive.

Storage & Performance

One thing that matters when it comes to external HDD is the Performance. The StoreJet 25A3 has two configurations – 1 and 2TB respectively. We received the 1TB variant and our result will be based on that. Starting off with the speed. Normally for an external HDD, the most common RPM you’ll find is 5,400. In this case, the StoreJet 25A3 has the same RPM. Transcend has opted in for a Seagate Mobile ST1000LM035 for their external Hard Drive, which gives a sustained throughput of 140 MB/s. The On-board cache on the Hard Drive is 128MB, which is normal for a SATA based External HDD.

Now for the speed test. First, we benchmarked the speed with the help of CrystalMark. Secondly, we used two different cable – One is the cable that was included with the hard drive – an USB 3.1 Type B and we used a Micro USB 2.0 Cable to test the speed. This is the result we obtained.

With USB 3.1 Type B Cable – Under Sequential Read – it obtained 135.4 MB/s (Read) and 136.2 MB/s (Write).


This is considered decent because it’s almost close to the Sustained Throughput of this hard drive. We transferred our Music Folder with a size of 3.92GB, that contains 261 files in 16 folders. Transferring it into the hard drive was a breeze as it took less than a minute to transfer it completely. It maintained it’s speed at 128 – 132 MB/s. Take note, this result isn’t applicable if your daisy chain your hard drive – especially when you have a connection like this. – HDD USB Cable to USB Hub to PC/Laptop.

With Micro USB Cable – Under Sequential Read – it obtained 39.55 MB/s (Read) and 36.98 MB/s (Write).


The reason why there’s a massive drop is because the Hard Drive uses the USB 2.0 counterpart to transfer in and out. During our transfer where we moved the same folder with a size of 3.92 GB, there was a drastic change in speed. The Drive maintained it’s speed at 34.0 MB/s and it took almost 2 minutes to transfer the files completely. The reason why I did this particular speed test is because there are times where I’ve forgotten the HDD’s cable. So, this test is just to show you that you can still transfer with a Micro USB Cable but with some bottlenecking.


Comparing with the Portable Hard Drives I currently own, the Transcend StoreJet 25A3 has a great value for money going around. It may not have the best design or a stylish look to it, but it does get the job done with such functionality. Good thing – that this hard drive offers features like encryption and more for less.

Comparing it with one of the Hard Drive I am currently using – Maxtor M3 Portable HDD which is being sold for RM 199 on Lazada, you’re better off getting your hands on the Transcend StoreJet 25A3 which has the same price tag with more safety features under the hood. So, what are you waiting for – click here to get your very own Transcend StoreJet 25A3.