Vago, The Baggage compression device now available for pre-order

Travelling can be fun but packing things can be a bit of a challenge. There’s a product in town that let’s you save space in your bags and let’s you bring more goodies on the way back from your vacation. Meet Vago, the device that is going to help you with saving space.

Vago Baggage Compression Device


Vago, the device is a small machine which is about 70mm – that’s like 7cm. This allows travelers to compress soft items in a vacuum bag – sealing it air tight. This will allow travelers to save space in their suitcase and make room for more things. It’s simple as that. All it does is connect via Micro USB and attach to a power source – be it a wall adapter or even your battery pack. Once it’s connected, the sensor would detect the pressure inside the back and it will start compressing. As soon as the sensor detects the maximum limit, it will automatically stop.

In comes in this small cylindrical cannister – it has 4 different colors – Black, White, Pink and Violet.

Pricing and Availability

The Vago will be sold for RM 294 – which includes a Baggage Compression Device and a Medium Sized Vacuum bag. But to make interesting, Vago has partnered up with GadgetGoodsAsia – offering a 10% discount, so – you’d pay about RM 265.

For those, who would want more vacuum bags – they have three different size available – S, M and L. The S comes in a dimension of 36cm x 36cm, followed by M with 40cm x 50cm and L with 70cm x 100 cm. The pricing for these bag will be RM 39, RM 49 and RM 59 respectively.

Do check them out. Click here to know more. 

Will we review it? Well, stay tuned as we keep you posted about it. 😊