Ever since the rise of smartphones, there has been a complete dynamic change in how we do things – be it reaching out to our loved ones, gaming and it doesn’t just end there. The list goes on. There is one particular segment where the change is pretty prominent. That is how we consume movies and series. It has gotten to a point that everyone watches their favorite shows and movies on the move. Followed by that, we have binge racing – watching a show within a week (sometimes within the same day). Now this has become popular to a point that binge-ing has gone public and things have changed – a lot. Netflix did a survey to find out which country has the highest stats.

Guess what? 80% of the Malaysians were found guilty of binge watching in public. And the numbers goes on.

Binge Watching Anywhere, Anytime literally

One thing we are proud of – it’s our food. The other country that’s proud of their food is obviously, Thailand. What’s the best time to binge a series? While we eat. (I do that also lah.). 59% of the Malaysians and 58% of the Thais binge while we eat. The stats get’s interesting with Thailand. 46% binge while they are at work and 61% binges during their commute. Another country that loves binge watching on the move is South Korea – with 62%.

Guess who binge watches literally everywhere? The country that binges on the move and especially when they are on the air (65%) or bus (58%) is none other than India. Well, done India.

Being Watched while We Watch

Some people just can’t seem to stop nosing around with others business. When you are travelling, somebody snooping on you is just very normal but it feels like they are invading your space. This happens especially when someone binges. 45% of those who watch on-the-go has caught a backseat binger snooping their screen. What’s surprising is that, only 18% have felt embarrassed about what they watch but 77% refused to turn off their show.

Guess it’s time for me to carry an extra pair of earphones to share it with a stranger. Haha. Kidding. Seriously, don’t do that. As we all know – karma is a beach. People who snoops ended up getting spoiled about a show – 11% has got spoiled. If you are in South Korea, it’s even higher – 24%.

Connecting People

27% of people who binges in public had strangers interrupt their show to start a conversation on what they are watching. In India, 50% of the people does that. It can be annoying but have you ever thought of this? May be they are just jealous that they forgot to download their show before they left the home?

Just saying.

Our Reactions to the Show in Public

Now this, I personally can totally relate to it. Sometimes, when we watch our favorite shows or movies, we have had moments where it’s just hilarious and you end up laughing out loud. It could be even a heart breaking scene where you can’t help it but cry. And then there are those episodes with cliffhangers that are just jaw dropping.

Mexico, Colombia and Chile are three countries that have no shame in expressing their feelings. In Asia, 32% in Philippines and 26% in India has shed tears when watching shows in public.

Interesting stats ey? Which one are you? Are you the one who snoops on others? Do you binge in public to begin with? Answer our polls below. If you don’t do any of these, I think you don’t have a Netflix Account. So, it’s time for you to register. Head over to register and get your first month for free – on Netflix. 😊


What Kind of Person are you when it comes to Binge Watching in Public?

Binge Watching in Public
Snooping on others when they are Watching
Interrupting a Stranger and talk about the show
Cry/Laugh while Binge-ing in Public