If you remember, just recently – we reviewed the Fujifilm Instax SQ6 – their Square Format Analog Instant Camera and we personally loved it. For an Analog Instant Camera – it sure was amazing. Now, what if you wanted more than just an Instant Camera? What if your Instant Camera has the capability to change lens, take the whole Lomography to the next level? Worry not because this Philippines based company took the Square Format Instant camera completely to another level. Meet the Diana Instant Square, a camera that has no boundaries in anyway possible.

Diana Instant Square

The Diana Instant Square brings the lo-fi magic of the legendary 1960s Diana Camera’s to the square format. The moment you lay your eyes on this piece of beauty, it has that iconic blue and black design. The whole idea behind the Diana Instant Camera is to bring back the classic idea back into perspective. Where one shot will never be the same from the other and stand out beautifully in it’s own way. A unique shot.

What makes the Diana Instant Square special is the fact that it does not limit your capability – you can do what ever you want to. The apertures and the focus on this thing is completely manual. All you have to do is adjust the intuitive zone – focusing system that let’s you switch focus with a simple twist as they say. Don’t worry about the aperture a lot because it will correspond to the weather. It also has features like Bulb Mode to Multiple Exposure mode – which will allow you to make your shots stand out from the rest.

The camera features a hot-shoe mount on it that will allow you to connect your different kinds of flash to use with it. You can use their color gel flash filters to give your shot a different hue. The thing that I find very interesting is the fact that it has interchangeable lens. The Diana Instant Camera supports all the lens Lomography made for the Diana F+. This means you have options.

  • 110 mm telephoto lens
  • 75 mm glass lens
  • 20 mm fisheye lens
  • 38 mm super-wide-angle lens
  • 55mm wide-angle lens with a close-up attachment

Like we saw with the previous instant cameras like the Instax SQ6, this one has a mini mirror for you to take a selfie.

Pricing and Availability

The Diana Instant Square is actually on Kickstarter right now. What’s best is that, you can get a Diana Instant Square Classic Edition for just $69 USD. The Kickstarter campaign will be ending soon, so I suggest you to head over to get one for yourself because they’ve done a great job with their previous cameras and it’s no doubt this will be a fascinating one. 😊

Click here to head over to their KickStarter Page!

Sooner or later, we will also be taking a look at it in person – so, do stay tuned to us – so that, the moment it hits our Lab, you’ll be first hearing from us. 🙂