• Nice Texture and Material
  • RGB Lighting is Fluidic
  • Really Good Anti-slip mat
  • Chroma Sync with other Razer Product


  • RM 219 is a bit pricey

RGB lighting has gone to a point where it’s an essential feature in a gaming centric world. Be it, having the best RGBae Components and Peripherals adds some of that flair to the whole setup. Which looks like having a mini Disneyland or a Rave Machine of your own. Razer, a company that’s known for it’s RGBae stuff has brought a new product in the market. We all know their infamous mouse pad – the Razer Goliathus and it comes in two different variants – the normal and the Extended. Imagine adding RGB and Chroma support to it – you get the Razer Goliathus Extended Chroma. Yep. We have been using it with our Razer Huntsman – which we reviewed. It’s about time for you guys to find out our final verdict in this Razer Goliathus Extended Chroma Review.

Design & Build Quality

Taking it out of the package, the design of the mousepad is rather simple. The ones we received was the Extended mat, which allows us to place our keyboard and the mouse on top. Sweet. The design is very simple yet elegant. I love the fact that it does not have any designs on top and gives it more of a premium look to it. It has a micro texture surface which gives more of a woven feel to it.


Moving on to the Build quality. The Razer Goliathus Extended Chroma has a soft and smooth texture up top and a non-slip rubber base at the bottom to keep the mat in place. The material on it is a Micro-Textured Cloth Surface – according to Razer it’s catered for speed and control playstyles. It comes in a dimension of 294mm Length x 920mm Width. It weighs about 560 grams. Since it’s a Chroma Mousepad, yes it does have a cable and the module fixed to the top left corner. Good thing the wire is braided and it’s a nice touch to durability.

It would have been nice to have some sort of cable ties where you could just wire it along with the module’s cable.

Texture and Performance


Since it’s a mouse pad – it would be appropriate for us to try out our mice on it. I personally use a Logitech MX Master for productivity and a Logitech G403. During my play, the whole experience was responsive and there wasn’t anything to complain about. To do a simple comparison with my Asus Republic of Gamers GM50 Mousepad, the performance was on par. My MX Master did have a bit of resistance but still – wasn’t that bad at all.

How it works?

The Chroma works easily and well. The Mousepad has a USB 3.0 that connects to the PC or Laptop, which makes the whole thing work. With that said, the RGB LED Strip is designed in a fluidic way. It does work without using any software and enables the default flow lighting but to sync – you’d need the sauce – that is the Razer Synapse.

The Sauce: Razer Synapse

To get the complete control of the Chroma Lighting – you’ll have to install the Razer Synapse 3. Once you’ve done that – you’ll see a fair amount of settings. First is the brightness where you can take it up a notch or not. Then you get to pick between 4 different modes – Breathing, Reactive, Spectrum Cycling and Static. There’s Chroma Effect for advanced setup and then the option to turn it off when your PC goes Idle.



As I don’t own any Razer Mice, some of the effects requires a mouse to perform a complete Chroma Sync. Breathing and Reactive works if you only have a Keyboard and just a mousepad. But you can still go for a setup that you prefer – that’s a nice touch. One other thing I realized is that, since it takes up a USB port in the system, that leaves me with just 1-2 empty ports. It would have been awesome if there was a USB port on the module itself, which allows a bypass and let me connect my keyboard.

The lighting is nice but what would have been nicer is having the option to control in a zonal way. So, the moment you enable modes like Wave, it would have a gorgeous sync-ed lighting.


So, here we are at the bottom of this review. The Razer Goliathus Chroma Extended is simply one of their nicest mousepads with an RGB Lighting on top. If you are someone who really wants to light up your setup in the best way possible, this mousepad does justice. A normal Goliathus Speed Extended or a Control Extended would set you back for a whopping RM 165. The Goliathus Extended Chroma is priced at RM 219.

The question is – for RM 219 – is it worth picking it up? Personally, I like the whole mouse pad, but it isn’t something I would spend my money on. It is very pricey. If you think the Extended mouse pad with RGB is something you need – go ahead, sure – this will set things on fire. In an awesome way.