Remember that Payment system Razer said that it’s going to happen anytime soon? Well, guess what – Razer has unveiled their very own e-wallet, RazerPay. It’s surprising to see RazerPay making its Global Debut right in the hearts of Malaysia!

RazerPay: The e-Wallet for Youths and Milennials!

RazerPay is their very own e-wallet that they target towards the youth and the Milennials, but anyone can use it. Heh. What RazerPay does is that – it allows the user to top up, transfer and pay – quick and fast – just like any eWallets we’ve seen so far.


RazerPay can be topped up through two different ways – one, is by heading over to any of the 7-Eleven stores all over Malaysia. The second thing is – you can top up via Online Banking. They support 7 different major bank accounts right now. Now if you ever want to transfer within your friends and family, it’s easy and what’s even best is that – you can even transfer money quickly from the Razer Pay e-wallet to their bank account. Finally, the only step is to use it.

They have partnered up with Berjaya Group to make this experience amazing. So you can purchase anything from your nearest Starbucks, 7-Eleven, Greyhound Café, Wendys, Kenny Rogers, Krispy Kreme and the list goes on with RazerPay. Now, if you were to purchase some stuff online, you could purchase zGold MOLPoints, Steam Wallet, Garena, Sony PlayStation, Spotify, iflix, Astro NJOI and much more.

It even works at 99 Speedmart, making it the one wallet that you can use it literally at places where you’d rather use it. They currently support 6,000 major chains and I hope the list grows over time.

Tabung Harapan Malaysia

Like we mentioned earlier that Berjaya Corporation Berhad is a partner to RazerPay, they are also working together on something that’s very interesting. From 4th July till 30th August 2018, Berjaya said that for every first use of Razer Pay Wallet at any of their participating Berjaya Outlet, they will donate RM10 to Tabung Harapan.

Better Register now, cuz there’s bonus Credits.

Now if you were to register your Razer Pay, every new user will receive a RM 10 bonus credits when you sign up anytime from now till 30th September 2018.

The application is now live on both on Google Play Store and iOS App Store. So, make sure to register with a legit number and start using your Razer Pay! You can click here to head over to Play Store or Here to head over to iOS App Store.