If ride sharing to the airport isn’t your thing, then – you might want to take a look at SOCAR. If you’re wondering who are they – SOCAR is a car-sharing app that launched earlier this year. With that aside, today – they announced two things. First is their new One-way Airport Drive and next up is the YOLO Pass. Find out what are these in this article.

One-Way Airport Drive

We all know for a fact that, SOCAR is all about the round trips but that’s not the case with this particular one. If let’s say you want to head to the airport but don’t want the hassle of parking your car over there and pay for the relatively expensive parking once you get back from your destination, SOCAR answered your dreams.

Now, if you were to take a SOCAR from your location to the airport, you can take a one way trip in a car you prefer (as long it’s any of the car SOCAR offers). Park the car at the parking, leave the token in the car and lock the car. It’s as simple as that and honestly, you don’t have to worry about a single thing.

Right now, it’s at an introductory flat one-way fee of RM 50 plus the hourly rental rate for the car of your choice. Honestly, it’s a pretty good option – I have to tell you that. Right now it only works at KLIA 1 and KLIA 2. Other airports – coming soon.

Now what if you want to take a SOCAR on the way back from the airport, is that possible? If you’re lucky, yes you can. If customer A parked a car at the parking and departed, the car is still at the parking right? So, here’s what it happens. You can check the app to see if there’s any car parked around the airport and from there – you can do a one way hot deal – it’s more of a first come, first basis where you can take any of the parked car and head back to the spot where the previous person picked it up. Interesting part is – you’ll get a discount or a special offer.

If you are registered in SOCAR – you can stand participate in their lucky draw called YOLO PASS.

YOLO PASS: Lucky Draw

This YOLO Pass contest will be open to everyone – who is registered under SOCAR. They will be choosing a random member, giving them an once in a lifetime opportunity to go on a spontaneous vacation – hence the YOLO. If you’re a chosen one – you’ll have to take up the YOLO Pass within a week’s time.

The winners will be given a SOCAR Pass to the airport and a surprise flight ticket to a mystery destination. The winners to the ultimate YOLO pass will be announced on the first Friday of the month and will be notified via a text, call or email. The last date and time to join will be the last day of every month before 11:59pm.

Sounds fun right? Now, I guess it’s time for you to register SOCAR and you can download it on your Apple Store or Google Play.